Thursday, January 8, 2009

Malaysia participated in the IFMA World Championship-Busan,Korea 2008

Last September, Malaysia participated in the 2008 IFMA World Championship as part of the TAFISA games under the patronage of the IOC. Although Malaysia is new to the world of Amateur Muaythai, our athletes performed well, managing to return with a bronze medal through Khoo Meng Yang who participated in the light middle weight(67-71kg) category. Also representing Malaysia were Mohd Ali Yaakub, Hamdan Mokhtar and also Loh Hui Ying.

From left, Md Farek Md Urep(international referee), Loh Hui Ying(Ladies Bantam weight-51-54kg), Khoo Meng Yang(Light middle 67-71kg, Muhd Shahnaz Azmi-Managing Director Osys Group, Mohd Hamdan Mokhtar-Light welter weight 60-63.5kg, Bernard Radin-team coach, Mohd Ali Yaakub-feather weight 54-57kg.