Saturday, November 28, 2009

Contender Asia II Banner at World Champs in Bangkok

Come and catch Contender Asia in Selangor............Malaysia-Truly Asia

Abuza wins his first round against the Argentinian

Muaythai World Championships-Bangkok

File pic from Busan 08
The IFMA Muaythai World Champs is now in full swing with our Malaysian fighters ready and waiting to face fighters from all corners of the world.
Ali will be fighting the Russian fighter that he lost to last year, Ruslan Yusubov, The present IFMA World Champion. To be fair it was Ali's first amateur fight last year. Let's hope this year bodes better for Ali. He is to fight Ruslan on Sunday.

Ejo will fight Pavel Marozau of Belarus, 48-51kg. Hasrul Hisham Aziz will fight Mussin Didar of Kazakhstan , Mohd Nazaruddin Che will fight Wingban of Hong Kong, and Abuza,57-60kg,will fightAnibal Francisco Cianciaruso of Argentina.

Unfortunately our Malaysian Tiger Faizal Ramli lost to Joshua Palmer to due to the chaos that ensued following his missed his flight. Faizal having to fight directly after arriving in Bangkok. Josh Palmer had lost Wes Jaya in the Z1 fights.

Good luck guys in all your upcoming flights. Do your best and make Malaysia proud!