Thursday, November 5, 2009

Malaysian Tigers Gym

Train with these guys!!!

Visiting trainer & Contender Asia coach ,Hanarong, gives The Malaysian Tigers some pointers.

The classes at The Malaysian Tigers Gym are conducted by our experienced Thai coaches, all ex-champions, and some like Mardsue who is known to to come coach at our gym on occasion are current champions.
Our Malaysian Tigers also help out in conducting some of the classes. Ali, Faizal, Hamdan to name a few.
Though I must admit, its kinda intimidating training with these guys but I know if I train with the best some of their skills are going to rub off on me!!! Anyway what better way to get my mind off work cause these guys keep me on my toes. I get a great work out and I know I'm one step closer to being a better tougher me. Hey maybe someday I'll be a Malaysian Tiger.....well everyone is allowed to dream right!

Beginners Classes!!!

Our Malaysian Tigers Gym is now open to the public. Due to the overwhelming response, especially by new comers to Muaythai we have open classes especially for you-

on Tuesday & Friday-8pm-9.30pm

We have limited space as for our new classes so those interested register now to assure yourself a place.

Pusat latihan Malaysian Tigers sudahpun terbuka kepada orang awam, oleh kerana ramai ahli kami baru kepada seni muay thai, kami telah membuka kelas khas untuk ahli-ahli baru ini. Mereka yang berminat sila hubungi kami dan daftar diri. Ruang untuk pelatih baru adalah terhad.
Waktu kelas-8pm-9.30pm Selasa & Jumaat
Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi-
For more information kindly contact-

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Faizal-Malaysian Tigers to fight in Qualifier in Macau

Faizal-Malaysian Tigers leaves for Macau today to take part in the Super 8 Thai King's Cup qualifier in Macau. Faizal will be fighting against some great fighters such as
Vuyisile Colossa from South Africa, (a.k.a. “Cheetah”) - the South African Superstar.
Antoine Pinto (a.k.a. “Kid Shark”)from France - European Champion
Tum Mardsue from Thailand – the 2007 King’s Cup Champion

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Abuza-Malaysian Tigers to fight in Langkawi

Langkawi 13-14 November

Malaysian Tiger, Abuza will fight at the upcoming Z1

It will be-

Abuza Malaysian Tigers

Valdet Gashi (German)