Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ali, Hashim & Hamdan to fight at Supremacy Perth on the 17th of October

Hamdan Mokhtar will fight against Luke 'Pitbull' Aram

Ali Yaakub with battle against Chris White

Hashim Ramli will fight Kim Olsen

More updates coming.....

Monday, August 31, 2009

Evolution 17-Ali losses on points

Everyone thought Ali would get koed by Daddy Kool as what happened to Chris White twice and Aaron Leigh the other Oz champion but Ali proved them all wrong. Ali was not in top form and seemed to have lost his rythm. Maybe due to the disruption to his training routine due to ramadhan but he still gave Daddy Kool a hard time although Daddy Kool controlled most of the rounds with his highly technical fighting skills which makes him still the number 1 fighter in Australia. Never-the-less Ali was honoured to be invited to fight in the Evolution 17 and he fought so well the Australians want him back!!! Ali will fight for the Super 8 championship in Oz very soon.
On another note Cosmo Alexander from Brazil, surprised everyone by beating John Wayne Parr in the semi final and Tum Madsua in the final to be the first fighter to qualify for the Thai Kings Cup Super 8 in Bangkok on the 5th of December.
Ali diramalkan akan tumbang(KO) ketika lawan Daddy Kool sepertimana Chris White(2 kali) dan Aaron Leigh (juara Australia), tetapi walaupun Ali kalah, Ali kalah dengan kiraan mata. Ketika berlawan Ali tidak begitu lincah seperti biasa, mungkin kerana Ali belum sesuaikan diri dengan jadual latihan bulan puasa. Dengan kemenangan ini terbuktinya Daddy Kool 'fighter' nombor 1 di Australia. Walaupun kalah, Ali diminati ramai di Australia dan telah dijemput balik untuk berlawan di Australia untuk kejohanan Super 8.
Dalam kejohanan yang sama, Cosmo Alexander telah menbuat kejutan dengan mengalahkan John Wayne Parr pada peringkat separuh akhir dan Madsua dalam peringkat akhir, dengan kemenangan ini, Cosmo Alexander telah melayakkan diri ke acara Kings Cup di Bangkok, Thailand pada 5 December nanti.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boxx to organise Amateur Fight

Ali with amatuer gear.

For more info on Amateur Fights please go

From Boxxtomoi Blogspot:-


In conjunction with Z-1 road shows , Boxx Warriors will hold an amature Muay Thai competition on 7th & 8th. November 2009 (Sat & Sun) at One Utama.Full protective gears.If you are interested :
E-mail me your profile to
Local and expatriates welcome. Category: Male, Ladies & kids (boys only)