Saturday, July 18, 2009

Supremacy 7-Perth Western Australia

Ismail Ramli lost tonight to Luke Aram but according to our team in Australia, Mail fought a very good fight. Much better than his fight against Azizi last month. Mail didn't step back from the second round onwards. This is really great that he is improving so much and so rapidly, he is only 18 years old and is the youngest Malaysian Tiger! We are very happy with his performance and look forward to seeing him excell in the future. Good job Mail.

Kudin did not fare so well against Chris White. Chris White dominated the fight from the start beating Kudin by points. This match up was supposed to be Ali vs Chris but Ali was out cause he is recovering from an injury.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Contender Asia 2-Official Website

Soon you will be able to check out the latest news and goings on of the Contender Asia 2 on the official

Contender Asia 2 Fighters- Malaipet

Name- Mongkhon Wiwasuk (Malaipet Sasiprapa)
Nickname- The Diamond
Place of Birth-Surin Thailand
Date of Birth-21 December 1981
Weight Class-Middleweight
Style-Fighters style rather than boxers style
Fighting Trademarks-Powerful kicks

Intercontinental Muaythai Champion

Fight Record
Fights157 Wins134 Losses20 KO's38

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Rafi Zouheir

Name- Rafi Zouheir
Place of Birth-Madrid Spain
Date of Birth-23 May 1978
Weight Class-72kg
Style-Muay Thai

2008 WMC European Champion
2008 WMC Spanish Muay Thai Champion
2008 WMC Superfight Champion

Fight Record
Fights68 Wins56 Losses11 KO's20

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Mohd Faizal Ramli

Name- Mohd Faizal Ramli
Nickname- The Golden Elbow
Place of Birth-Malaysia
Date of Birth-24 October 1989
Weight Class-Middleweight
Style-Counter Fight
Fighting Trademarks-Legs


Fight Record
Fights38 Wins35 Losses0 KO's

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Jordan Watson

Name- Jordan Watson
Place of Birth-Leeds, England
Date of Birth-2 December 1987
Weight Class-Middleweight

2008 WMC UK Champion
2009 WMC Super 8 Champion

Fight Record
Fights26 Wins22 Losses3 KO's8

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Paulo Balicha

Name- Paulo Balicha
Place of Birth-Portugal (Swiss Roots)
Date of Birth-17 January 1977
Weight Class-Middleweight
Style-Muay Thai

2005-2008 World Champion
European Champion
2008 WMC Mad Champion

Fight Record
Fights100 Wins94 Losses6 KO's37

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Kit Cope

Name- Kit Cope
Nickname- The Prophesy
Place of Birth-USA
Date of Birth-17 March 1977
Weight Class-Middleweight
Style-Fun, He likes to have a really good time and likes to make sure everyone else does too!
Fighting Trademarks-Fast and strong left leg

USA Muaythai Champion

Fight Record
Fights24 Wins23 Losses1 KO's9

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Bernard Radin

Name-Bernard Radin
Nickname-The Head Hunter
Place of Birth-Sarawak, Malaysia
Date of Birth-5 April 1972
Weight Class-Middleweight
Style-Muay Thai
Fighting Trademarks-Super Kick

1999/2000 SEA Games Bronze Medalist for Wushu
1999 TaeKwondo World Champion
2007 Malaysian Ultimate Warrior Champion
2008 Winner of WMC King's Cup Superfight

Fight Record
Fights45 Wins40 Losses5 KO's32

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Duane Ludwig

Name- Duane Ludwig
Nickname- Bang
Place of Birth- USA
Date of Birth- 4 August 1978
Height- 175cm
Weight- 70kg
Weight Class- Middleweight
Style- Dutch Style
Fighting Trademarks- His inside game....knees. They are strong and take the fight out of his opponents.

Kickboxing World Champion

Fight Record
Fights Wins Losses KO's
79 66 13 22

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Cedric Muller

Name- Cedric Muller
Place of Birth- France
Date of Birth- 13 September 1975
Height- 177cm
Weight- 70kg
Weight Class- Middleweight
Style- Defensive
Fighting Trademarks- Middle Kick

2009 French Champion
2007/08 World Champion Kickboxing
2006 WMC Intercontinental Champion
2000 French Champion
1997 IFMA World Championship Silver Medal

Fight Record
Fights95 Wins73 Losses17 KO's20

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Eli Madigan

Name- Eli Madigan
Nickname- Iron Mike
Place of Birth- Noosa,Australia
Date of Birth- 26 September 1984
Weight- 72.5kg
Weight- Class Middleweight
Style- Muaythai

WMC Professional Asia Pacific title
WMC Australia Title

Fight Record
Fights37 Wins32 Losses5 KO's19

Contender Asia 2 Fighters- Bakhulule Baai

Name- Bakhulule Baai
Nickname- Sweet Poison
Place of Birth- Johannesburg, South Africa
Date of Birth- January 2 1980
Weight Class- Middle Weight
Fighting Trademarks- Very strong right crochet
Potent body shots and flying knees
Great strength,speed and explosion on hits
Very good fitness
Always fights with his soul and much passion, offering a great show

2007 South Africa IFMA Champion
2008 South Africa WMC Champion
2008 Muaythai Against Drugs Champion
2009 African Contender Qualifier for Season 2 Champion

Fight Record
Fights34 Wins29 Losses5 KO's6
34 29 5 6

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Marco Pique

‘Marco is a very busy guy, spending many hours in the gym as well as attending university, studying sport and sport physiology, whilst also trying to provide a stable environment for his child.

He sees himself as an all-rounder and doesn’t use or emphasise one technique or area of muaythai over another, believing that this can lead to weakness in your style.

His nickname was created out of necessity, where he dubbed himself ‘the sniper’ to emphasise his ability to lay low in a fight till precisely the right moment – when he pulls out his deadly strike!’

Name- Marco Pique
Nickname- The Sniper
Place of Birth- Paramaribo, Suriname
Date of Birth- 09 January 1980
Height- 182cm
Weight- 70kg
Weight Class- Middleweight
Style- Muay Thai

2008 WMC Dutch Chanpion
2009 WMC Top Ten

Fight Record
Fights50 Wins35 Losses10 KO’s5

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Artem Levin

Artem is not yet confirmed for Contender Asia II as his participation is still being negotiated

Name- Artem Levin
Place of Birth- Russia
Date of Birth- 8 December 1986
Height- 190cm
Weight- 72.5kg
Weight- Class Middle Weight
Style- Muaythai

2007 WMC European Champion
2007 WMC Intercontinental Champion
2004/06/07 World Champion
2008 Tafisa World Champion
2003-07 IFMA Champion of Russia
3 Times IFMA Boxer of the Year

Fight Record
Fights89 Wins86 Losses3 KO's20

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Marcus Oberg

Name- Marcus Oberg
Place of Birth- Sweden
Date of Birth- 18 February 1982
Height- 180cm
Weight- 71kg
Weight Class- Middleweight
Style- Muaythai
Fighting Trademarks- Combos

2008 IFMA World Championships -Bronze
2008/07 IFMA Champion of Sweden
2008 Rumble of The Kings Champion
2009 WMC Superfight Champion(Win Against Dzhabar Askerov from season 1)

Fight Record
Fights52 Wins26 Losses22 KO's0

Supremacy 7-Western Australia-Kudin & Mail

gfk 16/07/09 - Malaysian Tigers Take on the Aussie Wallabies

Western Australia and Perth are in for a special night of Muaythai when two fighters from the IFMA’s Most Improved Team,


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kudin and Mail to fight in Supremacy 7 in Western Australia

Kudin-King of Sharks(Raja Jerung) will be fighting Chris "Tiger" White. Kudin will be replacing Ali who is recovering from an injury to his shin. On the other hand Ismail Ramli will be fighting Luke "Pitbull" Aram.

Kudin/Khuntheb Ismail Ramli
Raja Jerung(King of Sharks) Fights 18, Wins 14, Draws 3, Losses 1
Weight 59kg
Fights 58, Wins 44, Draws 8, Losses 6

Ismail Ramli
Fights 18, Wins 14, Draws 3, Losses 1

*We will be sure to update you on the results of this fight which takes place this Saturday.