Friday, July 17, 2009

Contender Asia 2 Fighters- Bakhulule Baai

Name- Bakhulule Baai
Nickname- Sweet Poison
Place of Birth- Johannesburg, South Africa
Date of Birth- January 2 1980
Weight Class- Middle Weight
Fighting Trademarks- Very strong right crochet
Potent body shots and flying knees
Great strength,speed and explosion on hits
Very good fitness
Always fights with his soul and much passion, offering a great show

2007 South Africa IFMA Champion
2008 South Africa WMC Champion
2008 Muaythai Against Drugs Champion
2009 African Contender Qualifier for Season 2 Champion

Fight Record
Fights34 Wins29 Losses5 KO's6
34 29 5 6

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