Friday, July 17, 2009

Contender Asia 2 Fighters-Marco Pique

‘Marco is a very busy guy, spending many hours in the gym as well as attending university, studying sport and sport physiology, whilst also trying to provide a stable environment for his child.

He sees himself as an all-rounder and doesn’t use or emphasise one technique or area of muaythai over another, believing that this can lead to weakness in your style.

His nickname was created out of necessity, where he dubbed himself ‘the sniper’ to emphasise his ability to lay low in a fight till precisely the right moment – when he pulls out his deadly strike!’

Name- Marco Pique
Nickname- The Sniper
Place of Birth- Paramaribo, Suriname
Date of Birth- 09 January 1980
Height- 182cm
Weight- 70kg
Weight Class- Middleweight
Style- Muay Thai

2008 WMC Dutch Chanpion
2009 WMC Top Ten

Fight Record
Fights50 Wins35 Losses10 KO’s5

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