Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kelantan Event

We are in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I never knew that Kelantan was this beautiful! No wander our Kelantanese boy's are so proud and homesick of this relaxed and scenic land.

The fight we were at last night was organised by Pok Nik at Wakaf King (Baroh Morak).-Here are the details-
The first night fight card:-

1. Muhamad Yusop-Singa Malay, Bunuhan vs
Mohd Nabil Taib-Anak Sri Paloh

Muhd Yusop won because Mohd Nabil was diqualified for kicking his opponent in the groin and as a result his opponent could not continue.

2. Adnan Yusoff- Hati Belian Sri Morak
Adik Edi-Sri Teresek

Adik Edi Won

3. Abir Tok Arab-Mutiara Kebakat
M.Rafei Rashid

Abir Tok Arab Won

4. Roman Dohar- Simpangan
Norasmadi Awang-Perodua Kancil

Roman Dohar Won
By the way I have no idea why Norasmadi is called Perodua Kancil, he's not small. Maybe he was a late bloomer?

5. Rofi Tokwan Hassan-Sri Embun
M.Amir Firdaus-Rajawali Bachok

Rofi or better known as Ropi won

Don't forget in these fights you only win through knockout, no points, no knockout no win, so the way these guys fight is so different from what we are used to on the West Coast.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our New Gym

WMC Gym Malaysia-Kelana Jaya

Our Muaythai Gym will be equipped with an 18 foot ring, a complete set of weights (multi-machines) punching bags ..........etc

The picture above shows our gym a few weeks ago. Renovations are in high gear and the gym is expected to be open very soon.

So all of you in the vicinity, who want to train with some of Malaysia's best fighters and some of the worlds best Muaythai trainers.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fight in Kelantan

This Friday and Saturday, Kudin and Zeri will be fighting in Kudin's home state.

Kudin with his trainer Madsue

Kudin the 'King of Sharks' can't wait to fight on home turf. He will be fighting against a guy called 'Mamat' ( that name covers about half the male population of Kelantan) so your guess is as good as mine as to who his opponent will actually be)

Zeri is from Terengganu, he also 'tak sabar nak lawan' so close to home. This young Malaysian Tiger will be fighting a Thai opponent, Dik Sukri.

It's important to us that our fighters don't forget their roots and support the fights organised in their home states. This coming event is organised by Pok Nik.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zeri & Kudin to fight in Kelantan.

Zeri and Kudin will be fighting in Kelatan, Kudin's home state on the 13th and 14th of this month at an event organised by Pok Nik. Will update you on the outcome of the fight as soon as we know!

Tomorrow Zeri, Kudin, Faizal and Ejo leave for the East Coast. They will be bidding farewell to Koh Samui for the time being. After Zeri and Kudin fight in Kelantan they will be training at our gym in Kelana Jaya. Hamdan will be fighting in Chaweng on the 14th then Mail on the 16th then they too will be moving back to K.L to train at WMC Gym Malaysia. After Malaysia's Super 8 Contender 2 qualifier, we will be organizing fights every 2 weeks. Our fighters and also all the other Malaysian Muaythai talents need this exposure to fights. This will also help them better prepare for the Ultimate Muaythai Warrior. We are also looking for fresh talent. So all you wanna be's and can be's, polish up your gloves and we'll see you soon in at WMC Gym Malaysia!

Fight Update!

Ejo fought last night at Chaweng Stadium in Koh Samui. He lost but put up a good fight against a bigger and more experienced Thai fighter. It's not easy to find a worthy opponent Ejo's weight. Good effort Ejo!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ali at Gold Coast, Australia

Despite having 4 stitches on his forehead, Ali managed to go out and check some of the tourist destinations in Gold Coast.

One thing that's important to us is to expose our fighters to the world not only in the ring but also to different environments, people, culture and food! You know when you go to Gold Coast you don't have to order chicken rice, right Ali? The chicken rice here costs RM50. Why not try out kangaroo instead?

Yes Ali Kangaroo is 'sedap', very high in protein, good for fighters!!

And this is what happens when you go around catching the endangered wildlife. Like their birds..........hint, have to ask Ali about this one.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Faizal wins in Chaweng!

Last night didn't go so well in Gold Coast but up north at Chaweng Stadium in Koh Samui, Faizal Ramli won his fight against a Thai opponent.

I don't have the detailed report of his fight but here's the sms update sent to me at 12.21am this morning. I think this sms gives us the feel of what it was like at Chaweng stadium last night-
Sms dari Hamdan-
Pejal(Faizal) menang KO round 4, 'tip' muka budak Siam. Lagi sekali Malaysia jadi perhatian sume kat stadium sokong Malaysia! Permainan yang cantik malam ini...tahniah Malaysian Tigers.

English translation-Faizal won through a KO in the 4th round,'tip' to the Thai guy's face. Malaysia was yet again the centre of attention. Everyone at the stadium were supporting Malaysia! Beautiful fight tonight.........congratulations Malaysian Tigers.

Why send Ali to tough fights?

Anonymous said...

"Ali seemed to be losing ALL his fights lately. What has changed?
He used to win ALL his fights 'before'. Yeah...what has changed?"

Ali at the King's Cup

I think you need to see the quality of fighters that Ali is fighting now.Yes we like Ali to win, but that is not our priority. We want him to get exposure and experience fighting some of the world's best.

Now Ali has been offered a title fight with Chris White,Australia's best in the 57kg category.This is not easy to get but based on his performance with Flip he has managed secure the fight. It is also not easy to get an offer to fight in Australia and let me remind you the overall quality in Australia is very good!

Yeah we could choose easy fights for Ali, but we want more for and from him. If we just give him easy fights, how will he ever improve? What would he learn from it. I'm sure all of you out there who know a little about Muaythai realise what we are trying to do for Ali and in fact all the Malaysian Tigers. We want to develop world class fighters, this would not be possible if we were overly protective and not expose our fighters to the best. If we don't fight at a world class level, how could we possibly know where we stand.
Flip after the fight with John Wayne Parr

We chatted with Flip on Facebook-

Congratulations-Malaysian Tigers


Thanks guys. Hope ali pulled up all good. My legs are so sore!!!!

Flip Street' FB status-

is icing my legs and nursing my belt....3 hours ago