Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zeri & Kudin to fight in Kelantan.

Zeri and Kudin will be fighting in Kelatan, Kudin's home state on the 13th and 14th of this month at an event organised by Pok Nik. Will update you on the outcome of the fight as soon as we know!

Tomorrow Zeri, Kudin, Faizal and Ejo leave for the East Coast. They will be bidding farewell to Koh Samui for the time being. After Zeri and Kudin fight in Kelantan they will be training at our gym in Kelana Jaya. Hamdan will be fighting in Chaweng on the 14th then Mail on the 16th then they too will be moving back to K.L to train at WMC Gym Malaysia. After Malaysia's Super 8 Contender 2 qualifier, we will be organizing fights every 2 weeks. Our fighters and also all the other Malaysian Muaythai talents need this exposure to fights. This will also help them better prepare for the Ultimate Muaythai Warrior. We are also looking for fresh talent. So all you wanna be's and can be's, polish up your gloves and we'll see you soon in at WMC Gym Malaysia!

Fight Update!

Ejo fought last night at Chaweng Stadium in Koh Samui. He lost but put up a good fight against a bigger and more experienced Thai fighter. It's not easy to find a worthy opponent Ejo's weight. Good effort Ejo!


shauqie said...


ohh yeaa i need to find my gloves nowww and polish it ehhehe just polish it not using it heheh.

ohh the new gym in kelana jaya? its very near to my granma house. yaayyy i can watch u guys!! so jaga2.

ps:opps kaki kudin terpijak ankle zeri hahah

Anonymous said...

Lost point or got Ko"ed? Ejo i mean

SA said...

Ejo lost on points. One of the main criteria we look for in a fighter besides raw talent is a strong jaw, you gotta be able to take it!

Anonymous said...

Siapa zeri dan kudin lawan di kelantan?

Anonymous said...

where is the gym in kelana jaya?
Address please...
when is it opening?

Anonymous said...

shauqie!!! looking forward to see u