Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our New Gym

WMC Gym Malaysia-Kelana Jaya

Our Muaythai Gym will be equipped with an 18 foot ring, a complete set of weights (multi-machines) punching bags ..........etc

The picture above shows our gym a few weeks ago. Renovations are in high gear and the gym is expected to be open very soon.

So all of you in the vicinity, who want to train with some of Malaysia's best fighters and some of the worlds best Muaythai trainers.



Vinx Lee said...

This is cool, where's the location exactly?

SA said...

Kelana Jaya. Will update you on location very soon!

Anonymous said...

How much the fees per month?

Anonymous said...

Saya ada 5 orang nak join. Post alamat secepat mungkin.

P/S Gym ni sebelah Univesiti (unitar) ke???

ki said...

Fees? It will be great. I can't hang a bag at home.

Who's gonna be training?

Anonymous said...

sy berminat, dkt mana??ada join 13 june nnt kt titiwangsa x..