Sunday, March 8, 2009

Faizal wins in Chaweng!

Last night didn't go so well in Gold Coast but up north at Chaweng Stadium in Koh Samui, Faizal Ramli won his fight against a Thai opponent.

I don't have the detailed report of his fight but here's the sms update sent to me at 12.21am this morning. I think this sms gives us the feel of what it was like at Chaweng stadium last night-
Sms dari Hamdan-
Pejal(Faizal) menang KO round 4, 'tip' muka budak Siam. Lagi sekali Malaysia jadi perhatian sume kat stadium sokong Malaysia! Permainan yang cantik malam ini...tahniah Malaysian Tigers.

English translation-Faizal won through a KO in the 4th round,'tip' to the Thai guy's face. Malaysia was yet again the centre of attention. Everyone at the stadium were supporting Malaysia! Beautiful fight tonight.........congratulations Malaysian Tigers.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation faizal. Show your best at Super 8

Vinx Lee said...

I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

What is it that u dont think so Vinx?

Anonymous said...


Faizal's opponent got tip ( High front kick/thrust not jab

Muay Samui

SA said...

Thanx Muay Samui, I will ammend the post!