Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ali and Zeri to fight at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums

Mohd Ali Yaakub and Zeri Jusoh were scheduled to fight at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadium respectively this weekend but their fights were officially postponed to the 17th of May due to the political scenario in Bangkok.

Ali will fight in Lumpinee

Zeri to fight at Rajadamnern

Friday, April 17, 2009


The venue is confirmed at-

Kompleks Belia & Sukan Negeri Kelantan

Report on Contender Asia II Malaysia

Two Malaysian fighters set to pick up a spot on The Contender Asia


THE Malaysian Tigers captain Bernard “Headhunter” Radin is hopeful that one of his team mates will be joining him to feature in the second season of The Contender Asia.

Two other exponents – Mohd Muinuddin Khadir and Faizal Ramli – from the camp based at the World Muay Thai (WMC) Malaysia Gym in Kelana Jaya will be vying for the final slot to appear in the reality show at the Malaysia Super Eight Fights scheduled at Sultan Mohammed IV Stadium in Kota Baru, Kelantan, on April 24.

However, the 37-year-old Bernard said it was hard to predict the eventual outcome as the eight competitors in the fray would be engaging in closely contested bouts.

“We expect that one of them will advance to the final for a shot to earn a place in the show.

“Having earned my place at the King’s Cup meet in Bangkok, Thailand, in December, I am glad that two Malaysians have been given the opportunity to showcase our potential to a wider audience.

“It is a stepping stone for the martial art to move forward in the country. We have a pool of talented young fighters, who compete for a living.

“We need to groom and direct them towards the correct direction,” he added.

Power packed: Bernard (right) in action during training.

Eight competitors are in the fray to secure a berth in the reality show. The other six contenders are Tengku Shahrizal of the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM); Hashim Ramli of Kelab Kayu Kelat Terengganu; Khoo Meng Yang (“Red Dragon”) from TNT Kickboxing Malaysia; Boxxwar-riors Gym duo of Abdul Alif Mohd Zulkifli and Wes Jaya; and Muhammad Azwan Zamri representing M150 Kota Bharu.

World Muay Thai Council (WMC) Malaysia representative Muhd Shahnaz Azmi said they would reveal the draw starting from the quarter-finals knockout stage on the eve of the competition.

For the upcoming assignment, the Malaysian Tigers opted to field Muinuddin when Mohd Hamdan Mokhtar was forced to pull out due to a knee injury.

Based on his hard work throughout the team’s three-month stint at the Lamai Gym in Koh Samui, Thailand, the 22-year-old Muinuddin, also known as the King of Sharks, is rated as the fittest in the squad comprising 13 trainees aged between 17 and 37.

“Earlier, we did not name him because he only weighed in at 59kg. But, he has gained muscle mass and increased his weight by another six kilogrammes over the past three months.

“He always puts in extra effort. Even the trainers had to step in to slow down his training.

“We felt that he is a suitable choice for the challenge because he is a determined fighter who will go the full distance,” Bernard said.

The 20-year-old Faizal is stepping into the ring to protect his unbeaten run of 37 bouts thus far.

During his first overseas training stint in Thailand recently, he chalked up three victories defeating two Thais and a German opponent as well as picking up an Inter-Continental belt in the 70kg section.

“My preparation has been very thorough and I have also brushed up on techniques while training in Thailand.

“Our daily training regime includes a 12km run in the morning followed by another five kilometres in the evening.

“Now, it is about going out there to give my best,” said Faizal, who also hopes to earn a national call up for the biennial SEA Games in Laos at the end of the year.

Following the outing in Kelantan, the Malaysian Tigers will compete at the Asian Martial Arts Games in Bangkok, Thailand (April 25-May 3) and Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia (May 9-17).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Event Poster

Last year Contender Asia was nominated for an Emmy Award. So Hollywood is definitely a possibility!

Good luck guys.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All fights in one night!

Anonymous shauqie said...

how much the ticket for adult?

April 14, 2009 10:03 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiket berapa? Satu malam sahaja kan?




Hey everyone, this event is going to be huge. Back to back fights!!!! 15 fights packed into one night.

The best Malaysian Fighters in the Contender Asia weight category will be fighting it out to be on the Contender Asia II reality show, which is forecast to be viewed by 1 billion people worldwide.


Lets get some feedback from all of you out there!!!

Who will the winner be-

Tengku Shahrizal
Fight record:-
Fights 80

Wins 78

Draws 2

-The fighter from PDRM who has never been defeated.........will his powerful punches and endless stamina win him the night?...............or

Faizal Ramli-
Fights 36
Wins 34
Draws 2

-undefeated, this fighter is famed for his elbow strikes and his powerful low kicks. Will Faizal be the next Qualifier........... or

Wes Jaya
Fights 19
Wins 15
Losses 4

- the mysterious white Malaysian! This guy is shrouded in mystery. How does he fight? What secret weapon does he yield, elbow strikes? Powerful punches? Does he have what it takes to be the next Malaysian Qualifier...........or

Khoo Meng Yang-Total fight records:-
38 fight
24 wins
13 losses 1draw

-the fighter that everyone says is almost impossible to knock out. Khoo is a skilled fighter with amazing stamina, will this bring him through the 3 fights these men will have to go through to appear victorious?............or

Hashim Ramli-
25 Fights
15 Wins
5 Losses
5 Draws

-this man definitely has the right build for CA2, will his impressive clinching skills take him through to the final round.........or

Fighter Profile:-
Abdul Alif Mohd Zulkifli
72 kg
171 cm
20 fights
11 wins
6 losses
3 draws

Alif, from what I hear Alif is a skilled fighter who needed to get fit. Well going by his recent photos showing his newly acquired six pack his fitness is surely good now. Will Alif steal the show........or

Kudin, Khuntheb
- This tough Kelantanese fighter is loved by his followers and team mates alike.Will his newly acquired skills help him appear victorious?.......or

Muhammad Azwan Zamri-
5 Fights
5 Wins

-this young fighter from Kota Bharu hasn't got a lot of fights to his name but will this work to his advantage? Will this keep his opponents in the dark and unable to figure out a fight plan?........



Monday, April 13, 2009

The Contender Asia II, Malaysian Qualifier

Here is the Fight Card:

Fight 1
Mat Ropi-Singa Muda, WMC Gym Malaysia
Nasir Saad-Langkawi

Fight 2

Super 8-First Round

Fight 3
Super 8-First Round

Fight 4
Super 8-First Round

Fight 5
Super 8-First Round

Fight 6
Super 8-Semi Finals

Fight 7
Super 8-Semi Finals

Fight 8
Ismail Ramli-Malaysian Tigers
Nethin-Pulau Tokan Thailand

Fight 9
Mohd Ali Yaakub-Malaysian Tigers
International Fighter

Fight 10

Super 8-Finals.

Winner of the Super 8-Prize Giving Ceremony

Fight 11
Ejo-Mohd Sukri Hasan,Malaysian Tigers
Farid-Pulau Tokan Thailand

Fight 12
Ikhwan- Kete Kebal, WMC Gym Malaysia

Fight 13
Mat Koro-Kebal Lanun, WM Gym Malaysia
Iwan Simpang Tumpat

Fight 14
Amin-Semerah Padi, WMC Gym Malaysia
Md Amir Firdaus

Fight 15-Last Fight
Zeri-Malaysian Tigers
Azmi-Pulau Tokan Thailand

* The Super 8 are the 8 Malaysian fighters vying for a spot in the International Reality Program Contender Asia II

Mat Koro wins in KB

Mat Koro-Malaysian Tigers vs Mat Ya-Thailand Bentong Perak

"Round pertama Mat Koro kena siku kat kepala, pecah sikit atas mata, doktor check, perlawanan sambung. Kemudian Mat Ya (Thailand Bentong Perak) pecah pulak kat dahi, doktor check dia pulak.

Round 2, Mat Ya kena siku terus rebah. Koro pecah sikit aje, Mat Ya agak teruk"

reported thru sms.

Mat Koro was elbowed above the eye and the doctor examined the cut. When the fight continued Mat Ya was elbowed on the forehead and received a 1" gash and he too was examined by the doctor.

In round 2, Mat Koro elbows Mat Ya and knocks him out!


Zaidi said...

"Dari apa saya tengok di wakaf zainab Kudin ada peluang untuk menang di super8. Hidup Kelantan"

Yeah Kudin did fight really well. And his knee strikes were really awesome!!!
Will post the video soon. I think this would be best rather than you rely on my (maybe) unintentionally biased comments.