Friday, June 12, 2009

Ali will fight in the WMC Muaythai against drugs World Challenge!

I have just received news that Ali and Bernard have just arrived in Leeds, UK and are now resting and getting used to the different environs!


Saturday, June 13 Leeds Town Hall in West Yorkshire England will be the venue for one of the most explosive showdowns of the first half 2009. In the battle for the Muaythai Against Drugs World Challenge World Title, European Champion and Superstar, Andy Howson will take on Malaysian Champion and Arafura Games medal winner, Mohd Ali Yaakub. The event features an exciting fight card not to be missed! Visit for details.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ismail Ramli to Fight at Titiwangsa

Ismail Ramli or more fondly known as Mail, our youngest Malaysian Tiger will be fighting against Nik Azizi this Saturday.
The others fights of the night are-

1: Ahmad Fadzli (TLDM) vs Faizai "Anak Tiong" (Kelantan)
2 : Kamarul "Pakcu Gamas" vs Lim Chee Leong (TNT)
3 : Mohd Amin vs Mat Ropi (Sasalon)
4 : Fauzan Zabidi vs Nik Hafizi (Kuda Merah)

5 : Ismail Ramli (Tigers) vs Nik Md Azizi (Kuda Merah)

6 : Addy B Deraman (Boxx Warrior Ampang) vs Mohd Aswadi (Sri Payung/TLDM)

Monday, June 8, 2009

This Saturday the 13th of May-Fight night for Ali & Mail

Ali will be fighting in Leeds, England this Sunday

Ali will be leaving for the UK this Thursday for his big fight against Andy Howson of Bad Company UK for the WMC Muaythai against Drugs World Title.

This will definitely not be an easy fight, well fighting for a World Title is never easy, so we wish Ali the best of luck. We hope he will adjust well to the time change and chilly weather.

Our Malaysian Tiger, Ismail Ramli on the other hand will be fighting Azizi, Kuda Merah. This match will see a relatively new fighter, Mail against a more experienced fighter Azizi from the PDRM. This will prove an interesting fight to watch. So all of you in the vicinity of Stadium Titiwangsa on Saturday the 13th around 8pm. Don't forget to catch Mail and Azizi in action. There are sure to be some more interesting fights to catch so come along and give a little support to our youngest Tiger!