Friday, March 20, 2009

WMC Gym Malaysia

Malaysian Tigers are now training in Kelana Jaya
We have all been really busy setting up our new gym in Kelana Jaya. Our fighters are now settling in and have already started training at the gym. Today we welcomed 5 new Tiger 'cubs' who will also be training at WMC Gym Malaysia. The location of our new gym is perfect for our athletes as there are various recreational facilities nearby, a jogging track around the lake, swimmimg pool and various other sports facilities.

WMC Gym Malaysia will be open to the public in the beginning of April. So those of you who are interested in signing up, can do so then.


Interview after Ali's Fight

Check out this interview after Ali's fight with Flip Street

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kudin Wins!

Kudin Ko's his opponent in the first round.
Our Malaysian Tigers were so happy to be back to fight in front of their home crowd. Kudin was no exception, he relished this chance to fight in front of family, friends and beautiful GIRLFRIEND :)
As we had expected he controlled his fight, and impressed his old supporters with his newly learned combos, with compliments from WMC Lamai.

During his match Kudin was anchored by his Tok Guru from Kelantan, this truly touched us. His former trainer wanted to give our team captain the honour of removing Kudin's mongkol but Bernard insisted that Kudin's previous trainer do the honour. It was this man who dedicated his time and care toward's Kudin for many years and we really appreciate and will never forget that.

Congratulations Kudin. You fought really well and have made us really proud. It's amazing how such a shy guy in real life, has such a confident demeanor in the ring. Entertaining the crowd with his well timed smiles and undefeatable spirit. It's no wander Kudin draws the crowds in Kelantan!

As for Zeri, poor guy, his fight was postponed due to heavy rain. It rained all day and night so the organisers had no choice but to postpone the fight for that night. His fight is rescheduled for the 24th of this month.

Kelantan Event

The event in Kelantan was an eye opener for us. We knew Tomoi or the Malaysian version of Muaythai was big in Kelantan but had no idea it was this big. Here in Kelantan there are events almost every other day. During the school holiday weekend we were there, there were three 3Day events running simultaneously but in different districts.

We never expected such a warm welcome here. Everyone was so supportive of us and eager to show us their local talents! Our Malaysian Tigers were also keen to introduce us to their family and friends.

Bernard never expected such a warm welcome and couldn't believe he actually had fans in Kelantan! In Kota Bharu at a Wedding Kenduri, one of the talented local fighters parents turned out to be big fans of his, following his progress from the time of Ultimate Warriors 07 in KL.

Needless to say we have signed up 5 new talents(Malaysian Tiger Cubs!) for our gym in KL and look forward to introducing them to all of you!

We'd also like to thank Pok Nik for being so welcoming and also the President of the Persatuan Seni Tomoi Kelantan, Pak Hassan for his hospitality.