Saturday, January 24, 2009

Training at WMC Lamai, Koh Samui, Thailand

I feel it's important and interesting for you to know our 'Malaysian Tigers' training routine in Samui. Being here in Malaysia, I can't help but feel that these guys have a perfect set-up: idyllic island, no worries in the world(except training), good and healthy food, no financial worries....etc......etc...

First let me point out......the training is tough.........really tough. Team Tigers have to wake up an hour before everyone else(jogging starts at 6am) so as they get in an hour earlier so they can train extra with their trainers, whom may I add are at the very least ex-Lumpinee Champions.

Then I got a reality check.......I was flown out to Samui and the truth of it all hit me. On the first day, I was asking the guys, "Hey why aren't you out at the beach(which is only a stones throw away").Bernard Radin looks at me and says "Just check out our training routine, any free time we have, we need to rest and recover, no time for the beach". And now I realise just how tough it all is. Hey even the 7km run would floor me, neither less doing it twice a day. And Dzabar punching me in the head........well I'll update you on that one soon.

Morning Routine
6am-7km run
7am-Stretching and shadow boxing
7.30am Light Sparring
8am-Pad work with trainers
8.30 am-Sit-ups & stretches

Evening Routine
4pm-7km run
5pm-Stretching and shadow boxing
5.30pm Light Sparring
6pm-Pad work with trainers
7pm-Conditioning, sit-ups,push-ups etc....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Faizal, Malaysian Tigers vs Tony Chawengmuaythai,Germany

As promised I have uploaded first, Faizal's fight. Soon to be added will be Ali's fight then Hamdan's, Ejo's etc.... I also want to add a section on the Malaysian Tigers Training at WMC Camp in Koh Samui. It's amazing how tough the training is! These guys go through so much with the hope of being the best. I guess they stand by the saying "the more you sweat in the gym the less you bleed in the ring" or maybe "no pain no gain". Whatever it is WMC Samui isn't a place for the weak of will. Please click here if you would rather watch this on youtube.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two of our Malaysian Tigers will be fighting at the TM-WMC Event in Cheras on the 7th and 8th of February:

Mohd Hamdan Mokhtar

Fight record:

Fights 85, Wins 70/ Losses 15

Belts: TV3 Sureheboh Malaysian Champ
Kedah Tomoi Terbuka-4x Champ
Langkawi Tomoi Terbuka 2000/01- Best Player
Kelantan Tomoi Terbuka 06-Best Player
Kejohanan Malaysia/Thailand 2x Belt Winner


Tengku Shahrizal
Champion,1st round Contender Asia Malaysia Qualifier
45 fights
40 wins
3 losses
2 draw

Mohd Faizal Ramli

Fight record:
Add ImageFights 34, Wins 32/ Draws 2/ Losses 0

Belts: Freestyle Kickboxing Malaysia 08
Kelantan Tomoi Championship
WMC Open Intercontinental 09


ABBAS AHMADI(I am not totally sure of acuracy of fight record)
65 fights, 44 wins, 18 losses, 3 draws (16 KO)
TM WMC AsianTitle Holder
TM WMC Title Holder 2008, Royal Cup of Kedah
WPMO 63 kg World Champion, 2006 – 2008
Champion 63.5 kg, Macau World Championship
Patong Stadium Champion, Phuket, Thailand, 61.5 kg, 2007
Chaweng Stadium Title Holder, KOh Samui, Thailand, 2006
Ranked # 6 in World Muay Thai Council, Lightweight Category

Monday, January 19, 2009

Malaysian Tigers show their 'Fangs'(Tunjuk Taring)!
Monday,12.1.09 night,Phetch Buncha Samui Stadium,Chaweng Beach, Thailand.

Taken from Bernard Radin's comment in the Malaysian Martialarts Community Forum:
"12.1.08 Malaysian tigers telah mengengar stadium chaweng.3 pahlawan negara telah bertarung.Perlawanan yang pertama Ali menentang jaguh Koh samui dimana beliau telah menang dengan bergaya.Tendangan dikapala pada pusingan KEDUA TELAH MEMBUAT LAWANNYA KO.Pertarungan kedua pula Faizal menentang peserta dari German.Faizal yang jauh lebih kecil berbanding lawannya telah menang dengan tko.memang ternyata beliau amat merbahaya dengan sikunya dimana pihak mendapat 27 jahitan.Perlawanan yang terakhir pada malam ini ialah Hamdan menentang peserta Thailand.Pertarungan selama 5 pusingan dan keputusan Hamdan tewas tipis dengan kiraan mata.saya berbangga dengan persembahan dan beliau telah menunjukkan semanggat sejati harimau Malaysia.


Ali wins by knockout!!!!!
Ali vs
Pornprom Sorruangsawat

Mohd Ali Yaakub surprises everyone, including his trainers, by beating Chaweng Stadium favourite Pornprom Sorruangsawat. The last minute fight card change had all of Ali's(Arly on the fight card) supporters and trainers a little worried. But Ali soon put all these worries to rest by controlling the match and eventually knocking out his opponent.

Faizal vs Tony Chaweng German Reality TV Show Star

beats Tony Chaweng Muay Thai
from Germany. Through TKO, the German couldn't continue into the last round. Our 'Golden Elbow'/'Siku Emas' cut open his opponents bottom lip. Tony was a part of a German reality show filming his progress in Muaythai(Faizal will be famous in Germany :). Faizal proved to us just how tough he can be, not only in delivering heavy blows but also being on the receiving end too. Tony being a lot bigger than Faizal managed to deliver many powerful hits to Faizals head and body but Faizal proved too resilient to knock down!! Good job Faizal, you make us proud!!!

Hamdan vs Pornthep Sornthong

Although Mohd Hamdan Mokhtar lost this fight, according to many, his fight against Pornthep Sornthong was the best fight of the night. Both Hamdan and Pornthep put on a good show, entertaining the crowd with good technique and skill.