Friday, February 13, 2009

Ali vs Luke 'Pit Bull' Aram

Mohd Ali yaakub will be flying out to Perth on the 14th of March to fight in 'Supremacy' Part 6-The Real Deal. He will be fighting Luke Aram. Luke is the WMC 58.9kg title holder and 2x WKA State title holder. Muaythai is strong in Australia so this should be a tough fight for Ali.

Luke Aram

Weight: 57 – 59kgs

Ring name: Pit bull

Trainers name: Darren Reece

Fight Record: Fights 13 / Wins 12 - Loss 1



Mohd Ali Yaakub
The Malaysian Tigers


Fight Record-
Fights:65, Wins 60, Draws 5, Losses 0

Belts:Ultimate Warrior Malaysia 07
WMC TM Title
Thai Kings Cup 08

IFMA-World Championships in Busan Korea,September '08

Malaysia sent a team of athletes to the IFMA World Championships in Busan, Korea.

From left to right, Ali, Hamdan, Hui Ying & Khoo Meng Yang

Attending the World Championship proved an eye opener. This was our first experience viewing amateur Muaythai. As IFMA is a member of GAISF and also the Asian Olympic Council, they have to conform to certain safety standards, i.e body protection, elbow guards, shin guards...etc. Needless to say one cannot fight in quite the same way as Pro Muaythai with the precautions needed to conform to standards set by these world governing bodies. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means the fighting style is slightly different, lighter and faster. Though if you watch the 91+ kilo men fighting you would hardly say the fighting was light.

For example, a fighter who relies on KOing his opponents with his elbow strikes, just wouldn't be able to do so. Don't get me wrong, even with body protection, one can give and receive some heavy blows but these strikes will be slightly minimized with the protection. With so many top class athletes competing at an international event, there would surely be a bloodbath without these extra precautions.

Left,Mohd Ali Yaakub and right, Mohd Hamdan Mokhtar.
Mohd Ali fought well in his first introduction to Amatuer Muaythai. Unfortunately, he was pitted against the world champion, Yusubov Ruslan, in the first match. Even though Ali lost, we could see that with a little work, we too can produce a World Champion.Yusubov went on to win the Feather Weight Category. And to those who are curious, his amateur fight does not effect his professional fight record.
Hamdan also did well, only loosing in his second match to Malik Bah of Sweden. Malik Bah also went on to win the Light Welter Weight Category.

Team Malaysia, center, Captain Shah with Stephan Fox, IFMA Secretary General

Md Farek Md Urep, international referee

Our very own Md Farek or better known as Boy gets invaluable experience as an international judge and referee. If any of you have any questions on Muaythai rules, you can turn to Boy, as he has attended the referee seminars etc on the Muaythai rules and point system.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ismail Ramli Wins

Our youngest Tiger proves himself!!!

Ismail Ramli or better known as Mail won his first Thai fight against Collin from USA at Chaweng Stadium last night. Collin had a fight record of 9 Wins and 0 losses. Mail the smaller and lighter of the 2 was calm and composed. Kicking Collin high with his left leg,kicking low with his right and skillfully blocking attacks by Collin. The match lasted the designated 5 rounds with Mail winning by points. According to Mail's trainers and team mates, Mail was the clear winner.

Semalam Ismail Ramli atau lebih dikenali sebagai 'Mail' telah memenangi perlawanan pertamanya sebagai 'Malaysian Tiger' di Stadium Chaweng. Sebelum ini pihak lawannya iaitu Collin, dari USA, mempunyai rekod tanpa kalah (Menang 9).
Mail sangat tenang dan menangkis serangan Collin dengan begitu kemas. Ketika membuat tendangan, Mail lebih suka menggunakan kaki kirinya untuk tendangan tinggi dan kaki kanan untuk serangan ke bahagian bawah pihak lawannya. Perlawanan ini dimenang dengan kiraan mata. Mengikut kata jurulatih dan rakan sepasukannya, Mail telah menang dengan jelas.

Ismail 'Thunder Fist' Ramli

Fight record:
Fights 16, Wins 13, Draws 3, Losses 0

Mail is always teased by his team mates as he had yet to fight as a Malaysian Tiger. Now our Thunder Fist has earned his stripes.

Sebelum ini Mail selalu diejek oleh rakan sepasukannya kerana dia belum masuk gelanggang sebagai 'Malaysian Tiger'. Baru sekarang kami nampak belangnya :)

This victory also comes as an early birthday present as Mail turns 18 on the 24th of this month.
Happy Birthday Mail!

Kemenangan ini merupakan hadiah harijadi yang awal untuk Mail. Pada 24hb Febuari ini Mail akan mencecah usia 18 tahun.
Selamat harijadi Mail!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Stay Positive.

To all the readers of our blog and supporters of the Malaysian Tigers. I would like to ask you all to be positive and continue your support of us. I have received many negative remarks in our comment section(some targeting us, most targeting another muaythai club), and I all feel that we need to put an end to this. Initially I posted some of these comments as I am all for democracy and freedom of speech, but with freedom of speech should come responsibility. One should be responsible for ones actions. And as moderator of this blog I refuse to be a communicator of all this negativity.

Please by all means give us constructive criticism, advice or support towards the Malaysian Tigers but no more negativity please!

Kepada pengikut blog ini dan juga peminat Malaysian Tigers. Saya telah menerima banyak kata-kata yang negatif di bahagian komen blog ini, ada yang dituju terhadap Malaysian Tigers, kebanyakkan dituju kepada rakan-rakan muaythai kelab lain. Pada permulaanya saya telah lepaskan komen-komen ini, tetapi sekarang saya sedar, sebagai penulis blog, saya mempunyai tanggungjawab ke atas apa yang diterbitkan, walaupun komen-komen ini bukan dari saya.
Mulai sekarang, saya hanya akan lepaskan komen yang positif atau komen yang bernas, yang dibuat dengan niat memperbaiki Pasukan Malaysian Tigers!
Kepada peminat Malaysian Tigers, terima kasih atas sokongan anda, teruskan dorongan anda terhadap pasukan kami!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bernard & Ali to fight in Koh Samui, Thailand

On the 18th of February, both our King's Cup winners, Bernard Radin and Mohd Ali Yaakub will be fighting in Koh Samui.

Ali will be fighting Petmai who is the South Thailand champion and he is from Nakon Sri Thammarat.

Malaysian Tigers team captain, Bernard is either fighting Teerapong Kowit or Ole Sakdecha. Teerapong is a very good fighter and so is Ole. They have fought and KOed people such as Kieren Keddle from UK, Piggsy Ben Burton from Australia and many others. These are all very credible fighters

Bernard Radin


Fight Record-
Fights:47, Wins 41, Losses 6

Contender Asia 2 Qualifier
Malaysian Ultimate Warrior '07
Thai Kings Cup Winner

Mohd Ali Yaakub

Fight Record-
Fights:65, Wins 60, Draws 5, Losses 0

Belts:Ultimate Warrior Malaysia 07
WMC Asian Title
Thai Kings Cup 08

We know you are training hard right now and will give your best at this fight.

Good Luck to both of you!

Behind the Scenes

Breakfast at the Mamak shop, Saturday 7th morning. Everybody looks positive and upbeat, ready to make their debut as Malaysian Tigers on home ground.

We didn't want to publicize this but strangely our 3 fighters came up with fever then a rash just days before the fight. Faizal first in Koh Samui. Then Zeri and Hamdan, suffering from fever when they arrived in Malaysia a day before the fight our fighters were rushed to the clinic to be checked out and the doctor confirmed that the fighters had mild symptoms of chicken pox. They then had to have a vaccination(to help boost their immunity towards the virus). Which was really funny actually as these guys are brave warriors, but bring out a needle and they turn to jelly. All three still had swollen glads on the night of the fight.

Our Traniners from WMC Camp, Lamai. On the left is Anarong, Contender Asia 1 trainer and Lumpinee Champion, and next to him is trainer and fighter Matsui. Matsui will also be fighting on the 18th in Koh Samui in the Contender Asia Southern Thailand selections. There are around 15 trainers at WMC Lamai, but unfortunately not all of them could come. We would have loved to show them all our beautiful Malaysia.

Hamdan being prepared before the fight.

From left, Ijat, Robbie, Ben & Mark.
Our 3 Malaysian Tigers physiotherapist, here to make sure our fighters were well taken care of, before and after the fight. Ijat is abang Boy's assistant.

Our Champions!
Nasi lemak in Kampung baru. After the fight, starving, we were all treated to nasi lemak at 12.30am.
Ismail Ramli

Fight record:
Fights 13, Wins 12, Draws 3, Losses 0

Only 3 days after the event in Cheras another of our fighters will be fighting, this time at Chaweng Stadium,Koh Samui. Ismail Ramli or better known as Mail will be matched against Collin Pinyo, Gym from USA. This will be a very hard challenge but we need our guys to be tested and they need international experience.
Mail is the youngest of our fighters, still only 17 years old.
He is also the quietest of our 'Tigers' but don't let this unassuming lad catch you off guard as he packs a really heavy punch.

Mail, left, with Faizal in Koh Samui.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Congratulations Boxxevents

On behalf of the Malaysian Tigers-

We would like to congratulate Boxxevents on a Championship well organised. I can honestly say we truly enjoyed the fights and the degree of professionalism at which the events were handled.

We would also like to wish a speedy recovery to all those injured in the event especially to Alex Lim, Seethanonchai Sor Chitlada, Barbod and also Hamdan Mokhtar. I hope you are all up and fighting ASAP!

Alex Lim

Zeri's our Champ!

Some people thought Zeri might be knocked out in the first round, some even questioned his ability to fight Iddi 'Selindang' Kuning. Well on Saturday, 7th February,thanks to Boxxevents, 18 year old Zeri put everyone's doubts to rest.

During the fight, Zeri was never disheartened, even though he was pitted against a far more experienced fighter, he stayed focused and showed everyone what he's made of. Throughout the fight Zeri kept pressuring and attacking his opponent, this coupled with his new found technical skills won him the fight.

Zeri is a really nice guy, I must admit one of the most positive amongst the people I have come across. He trains hard, never complains and is always cheery. I'm sure his attitude will take him far in life. I also feel I should mention his supportive father without whom I'm sure Zeri wouldn't be the positive guy he is today.

Good job Zeri!!

Bernard gets all teary eyed with pride.