Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bernard & Ali to fight in Koh Samui, Thailand

On the 18th of February, both our King's Cup winners, Bernard Radin and Mohd Ali Yaakub will be fighting in Koh Samui.

Ali will be fighting Petmai who is the South Thailand champion and he is from Nakon Sri Thammarat.

Malaysian Tigers team captain, Bernard is either fighting Teerapong Kowit or Ole Sakdecha. Teerapong is a very good fighter and so is Ole. They have fought and KOed people such as Kieren Keddle from UK, Piggsy Ben Burton from Australia and many others. These are all very credible fighters

Bernard Radin


Fight Record-
Fights:47, Wins 41, Losses 6

Contender Asia 2 Qualifier
Malaysian Ultimate Warrior '07
Thai Kings Cup Winner

Mohd Ali Yaakub

Fight Record-
Fights:65, Wins 60, Draws 5, Losses 0

Belts:Ultimate Warrior Malaysia 07
WMC Asian Title
Thai Kings Cup 08

We know you are training hard right now and will give your best at this fight.

Good Luck to both of you!


AWANGNOI said...

ohh,saya dah kenal tuan moderator.salam perkenalan dari saya.

Nightsky said...

Good Luck to both Bernard and Mohd Ali Yaakub. Keep the Malaysian flag flying!!!! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

SA said...

Thanks Nightsky,
Your support is appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Results dah keluar da?

Shakeel Ahmed said...

good and attractive blogg u have