Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Stay Positive.

To all the readers of our blog and supporters of the Malaysian Tigers. I would like to ask you all to be positive and continue your support of us. I have received many negative remarks in our comment section(some targeting us, most targeting another muaythai club), and I all feel that we need to put an end to this. Initially I posted some of these comments as I am all for democracy and freedom of speech, but with freedom of speech should come responsibility. One should be responsible for ones actions. And as moderator of this blog I refuse to be a communicator of all this negativity.

Please by all means give us constructive criticism, advice or support towards the Malaysian Tigers but no more negativity please!

Kepada pengikut blog ini dan juga peminat Malaysian Tigers. Saya telah menerima banyak kata-kata yang negatif di bahagian komen blog ini, ada yang dituju terhadap Malaysian Tigers, kebanyakkan dituju kepada rakan-rakan muaythai kelab lain. Pada permulaanya saya telah lepaskan komen-komen ini, tetapi sekarang saya sedar, sebagai penulis blog, saya mempunyai tanggungjawab ke atas apa yang diterbitkan, walaupun komen-komen ini bukan dari saya.
Mulai sekarang, saya hanya akan lepaskan komen yang positif atau komen yang bernas, yang dibuat dengan niat memperbaiki Pasukan Malaysian Tigers!
Kepada peminat Malaysian Tigers, terima kasih atas sokongan anda, teruskan dorongan anda terhadap pasukan kami!


Anonymous said...

Excellent piece!
You couldn't have said better !!

I wish to train with Malaysian Tigers. What's the requirements?
Any age limit? or previous Muay thai experience needed?

SA said...


For your positive comment and inquiry.

Most of our Malaysian Tigers have already made a name for themselves in Malaysian Muaythai.I wrote a little about this in my second posting. We don't really have any age requirement but preferably the younger the better.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a Malaysian Tiger. Write to us at this blogspot. Especially if you have made a name for yourself in Malaysian Muaythai.

SA said...

If you wish to contact us, kindly email

Anonymous said...

Ooo....looks like I cannot make it to be a Malaysian Tiger. I'm not a household name in Malaysian Muay Thai yet. Failed the pre-requisite.
I'm not even a household name in my own house.