Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Behind the Scenes

Breakfast at the Mamak shop, Saturday 7th morning. Everybody looks positive and upbeat, ready to make their debut as Malaysian Tigers on home ground.

We didn't want to publicize this but strangely our 3 fighters came up with fever then a rash just days before the fight. Faizal first in Koh Samui. Then Zeri and Hamdan, suffering from fever when they arrived in Malaysia a day before the fight our fighters were rushed to the clinic to be checked out and the doctor confirmed that the fighters had mild symptoms of chicken pox. They then had to have a vaccination(to help boost their immunity towards the virus). Which was really funny actually as these guys are brave warriors, but bring out a needle and they turn to jelly. All three still had swollen glads on the night of the fight.

Our Traniners from WMC Camp, Lamai. On the left is Anarong, Contender Asia 1 trainer and Lumpinee Champion, and next to him is trainer and fighter Matsui. Matsui will also be fighting on the 18th in Koh Samui in the Contender Asia Southern Thailand selections. There are around 15 trainers at WMC Lamai, but unfortunately not all of them could come. We would have loved to show them all our beautiful Malaysia.

Hamdan being prepared before the fight.

From left, Ijat, Robbie, Ben & Mark.
Our 3 Malaysian Tigers physiotherapist, here to make sure our fighters were well taken care of, before and after the fight. Ijat is abang Boy's assistant.

Our Champions!
Nasi lemak in Kampung baru. After the fight, starving, we were all treated to nasi lemak at 12.30am.


Anonymous said...

nice team and crew u guys have.i envy it.i can see u guys like a big family

SA said...

Yes we are a big extended family. We are very fortunate. Everyone takes care of each other and looks out for each other.
Our boss leads by example and teaches all to be patient and to focus on our goals.
Indeed we are fortunate.