Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ismail Ramli

Fight record:
Fights 13, Wins 12, Draws 3, Losses 0

Only 3 days after the event in Cheras another of our fighters will be fighting, this time at Chaweng Stadium,Koh Samui. Ismail Ramli or better known as Mail will be matched against Collin Pinyo, Gym from USA. This will be a very hard challenge but we need our guys to be tested and they need international experience.
Mail is the youngest of our fighters, still only 17 years old.
He is also the quietest of our 'Tigers' but don't let this unassuming lad catch you off guard as he packs a really heavy punch.

Mail, left, with Faizal in Koh Samui.


boxxlost said...

ehh berapa ramai fighter korang yang belum kalah lagi...faizal dgn ismail ramli tak kalah lagi kaa? bila diorang nak kalah?

mek kelate said...

apa masalah kau ni boxxlost. Ada aje tak puas hati

Anonymous said...

saya nak tengok bernard lawan. Nama saya Lee. Saya pernah belajar dengar sir bernard sampai talipinggang hijau. Saya nak terbang ke koh sah mui kalau ada perlawanan menarik.

Anonymous said...

boxxlost saje provok.. dekat web boxxtomoi sana dia provoke dekat sini provoke.. saje je tu nak laga-lagakan org