Monday, February 9, 2009

Zeri's our Champ!

Some people thought Zeri might be knocked out in the first round, some even questioned his ability to fight Iddi 'Selindang' Kuning. Well on Saturday, 7th February,thanks to Boxxevents, 18 year old Zeri put everyone's doubts to rest.

During the fight, Zeri was never disheartened, even though he was pitted against a far more experienced fighter, he stayed focused and showed everyone what he's made of. Throughout the fight Zeri kept pressuring and attacking his opponent, this coupled with his new found technical skills won him the fight.

Zeri is a really nice guy, I must admit one of the most positive amongst the people I have come across. He trains hard, never complains and is always cheery. I'm sure his attitude will take him far in life. I also feel I should mention his supportive father without whom I'm sure Zeri wouldn't be the positive guy he is today.

Good job Zeri!!

Bernard gets all teary eyed with pride.

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shauqie1957 said...

jeri awak hebattt!! TAHNIAH