Saturday, February 7, 2009

On top of the World

Faizal beats Abbas!!!
Faizal, on top of the World

Sunday,8th February,our Malaysian Tiger Mohd Faizal 'the golden elbow' Ramli beat Boxxwarriors Abbas Ahmadi at the Muaythai Championship organised by Boxxevent at Stadium Badminton in Cheras. For nearly 2 months Faizal has been training at WMC Camp Lamai in Koh Samui along with 8 other Malaysian Tigers, and the training has paid off. Faizal has beaten the seasoned exponent from Boxxwarriors Gym, Abbas Ahmadi. Not a small feat as Abbas has a worthy fight record, definately a feat for Faizal to be proud of. A worthy mention must be made to Abbas, for his show of good sportsmanship during the fight.

The first two rounds were rather uneventful, ala Muaythai style whereby the fighters take it easy studying each others technique, the referee had to urge these two fighters several times to attack.This inadvertantly showed that these 2 fighters were not about to underestimate each other. In the third round Abbas proved more aggressive but this agression was exactly what was needed by Faizal to push him into high gear and control the final 2 rounds. Faizal also managed to down Abbas with his famous 'golden elbow', causing the fight to be stopped temporarily for the doctor to assertain whether the gash to Abbas's brow was serious enough for him to stop the fight. Abbas was given the green light to continue only to be eventually be beaten by points by Faizal.

Congratulations Faizal, you make Malaysia proud!

Lets not forget Hamdan who put up a courageous fight against PDRM's Tengku Shahrizal

Our experienced fighter Mohd Hamdan Mokhtar lost to Tengku Shahrizal. Tengku's heavy blows proved too much for our Hamdan. But Hamdan showed grit, getting up after being floored and also wanting to continue fighting even though he had received a one inch gash to his brow.

Those who personally know Hamdan, will tell you that this guy has a tough exterior but a kind heart within. He has an especially soft spot for kids. At the fight, taking good care of the 2 Sasha's, one his little one year old and the other Bernard's 5 year old. When Bernard's Sasha fell asleep at the fight, it was Hamdan who picked her up and placed her on the comfortable sofa.


Anonymous said...

Malam tu aku tengok Tengku Shahrizal lawan dengan hamdan. pukulan sharizal memang berat dan kuat. ending tendangan ke kepala yang buat kepala hamdan berdarah

BOXLOST said...

YAaa mungkin hamdan tak cukup training...kena berlatih kuat lagi. teknik dia kurang sikit.

boxxchamp said...

weihh asal aku tak jumpa muka abbas kat blog boxxwarrior...kenapa diorang tak taruh abbas peninju agung mereka dari negara Iran. pelik jugak yer....cameraman diorang hebat boleh ambik gambar dari angle yg cantik. mesti banyak gambar dia yg diorang tangkap kan?

AWANGNOI said...

tahniah malaysian tigers,satu saingan yanh hebat.

aku rasa gambar abbas akan keluar juga bersama video fight,sabaq no..

Anonymous said...

aku tgk game hamdan n tengku.. aku kenal hamdan yang sebenarnya, mlm tu maybe ada 'something' yg dia x bleh nak main as usual.

Bangun, rapat tp x 'potong' pun Tengku tu.. haaa.. dr situ aku perasan 'something' laa...

TO EVENT ORGANISER...>> BUAT REPLAY MATCH HAMDAN VS TENGKU, "make it clear for both" baru best tgk..

aku confident Hamdan malam tu bukan yang sebenar.. dia pernah main dgn Thailand yg lg hebat dgn Tengku...

buat laa rematch.. revenge... hahahhahaha

mcm wrestling kat TV lak

Anonymous said...

ape yang "something"?..jampi jampi ke?