Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thai King's Cup-5th December 2008

The Thai King's Cup was truly an amazing and you might even say magical event.

Exerps from the WMC website-

The fireworks were truly a 'blast'! In this picture it looks like a bomb went off. But that night was really quite the contrary, the atmosphere was really serene, you actually felt like you had warped into the past, into a bygone era. All of us were in awe of the fireworks and personally, I was in awe of the love and respect the Thai people have for their king, and in return you could also feel the benevolence of the king towards his people.It was all very touching.-SA

Ali is given a new mongkol in honour of the Kings Cup tournament. Below Ali has to wait a couple of hours for the fights to commence after the break in honour of his highness the Thai King.

Ali has done us proud. Congratulations Ali!!!

The picture above shows Leo Monteiro, most of you know him from the Malaysian Superfights, helping his WMC Camp training mate, Bernard Radin with his gloves. On the right is Bernard's German opponent.

Ali shares a joke with his trainer '3-stripes' whilst he gets his hands wrapped.

The calm before the storm.

If you know Bernard, you will know that he always manages to find some place to rest/sleep before his fights. Here he found a hammock under the VIP seating.

Captain Shah and Riaz Mehta,of Contender Asia, congratulate Bernard on his win.

Our fighters had a lot of Thai supporters!! These supporters made a lot of money betting on our fighters :) They were so happy..............

All in all this turned out to be a really successful night, not only for Ali and Bernard, but also for all of us working hard behind the scenes supporting all the Malaysian Tigers. This was also the first time a Malaysian has participated in the Thai Kings Cup, and Bernard and Ali made us proud!! And as our 'Tigers' always say "Demimu Malaysia", anything is possible. You've got to dare to dream.


Melie Monster said...

Apai did pretty well for an old man to have knocked out the guy in round UNO! :D Ali rocked too.

Bangkok was the bomb! :D

qamaruluramaq said...

demimu mlaysia???? he3

keranamu malaysia la..