Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two of our Malaysian Tigers will be fighting at the TM-WMC Event in Cheras on the 7th and 8th of February:

Mohd Hamdan Mokhtar

Fight record:

Fights 85, Wins 70/ Losses 15

Belts: TV3 Sureheboh Malaysian Champ
Kedah Tomoi Terbuka-4x Champ
Langkawi Tomoi Terbuka 2000/01- Best Player
Kelantan Tomoi Terbuka 06-Best Player
Kejohanan Malaysia/Thailand 2x Belt Winner


Tengku Shahrizal
Champion,1st round Contender Asia Malaysia Qualifier
45 fights
40 wins
3 losses
2 draw

Mohd Faizal Ramli

Fight record:
Add ImageFights 34, Wins 32/ Draws 2/ Losses 0

Belts: Freestyle Kickboxing Malaysia 08
Kelantan Tomoi Championship
WMC Open Intercontinental 09


ABBAS AHMADI(I am not totally sure of acuracy of fight record)
65 fights, 44 wins, 18 losses, 3 draws (16 KO)
TM WMC AsianTitle Holder
TM WMC Title Holder 2008, Royal Cup of Kedah
WPMO 63 kg World Champion, 2006 – 2008
Champion 63.5 kg, Macau World Championship
Patong Stadium Champion, Phuket, Thailand, 61.5 kg, 2007
Chaweng Stadium Title Holder, KOh Samui, Thailand, 2006
Ranked # 6 in World Muay Thai Council, Lightweight Category


Anonymous said...

Awesome fighters. btw i wanna know what is tengku shahrizals weights? and how about khoo meng yeng...is he among malaysian fighters?

SA said...

I'm not sure about Tengku Shahrizal, at the Muaythai Superfights in July I think he was 66kg's, we'll have to get an official confirmation from his coach/manager En. Rosli.
As for Khoo Meng Yang, he was a part of our team to Busan, and made Malaysia proud by bringing back a bronze medal.Most of our fighters in Samui are training for the Arafura Games and SEA Games where the age cut off is 35yrs.All these fighters have had to drop everything and train full time in Samui, this is not possible for everyone.There are however some fighters who are unable to train in Samui but will be a part of the team. Nothing is set in stone.....

Ali fan said...

Dengar kata 4 orang malaysia tigers lawan bukan dua kan?

SA said...

Tiga sahaja yang lawan kali ini. Hamdan, Faizal dan Jeri.

Melie Monster said...

I'll be there with a loud speaker screaming GOO MALAYSIAN TIGERS! :D