Monday, March 9, 2009

Ali at Gold Coast, Australia

Despite having 4 stitches on his forehead, Ali managed to go out and check some of the tourist destinations in Gold Coast.

One thing that's important to us is to expose our fighters to the world not only in the ring but also to different environments, people, culture and food! You know when you go to Gold Coast you don't have to order chicken rice, right Ali? The chicken rice here costs RM50. Why not try out kangaroo instead?

Yes Ali Kangaroo is 'sedap', very high in protein, good for fighters!!

And this is what happens when you go around catching the endangered wildlife. Like their birds..........hint, have to ask Ali about this one.


Anonymous said...

oooh curi burung kat austalia ye

Anonymous said...

Aku pun budak muay. Nape tak dapat gi Astolia .. :{

Anonymous said...

Saya dari Kelantan. Macamana nak join team malaysian tigers

Anonymous said...

What's Bernard doing in Gold Coast?! Shouldn't he be training in Thailand, and let someone else accompany Ali?
Contender Asia 2 is just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

His on leave i guess after all hard training..

SA said...

Nanti kami akan anjurkan pertandingan Ultimate Muaythai Warriors. Sesiapa yang berminat sertai Malaysian Tigers digalak menyertai pertandingan mencungkil bakat ini.

Anonymous said...

i am a long-time TKD exponent. Wish to try my luck at the Muaythai warriors competition. Is there an age limit? Or anyone can join?
And is it 3round 2minutes fight?