Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fight in Kelantan

This Friday and Saturday, Kudin and Zeri will be fighting in Kudin's home state.

Kudin with his trainer Madsue

Kudin the 'King of Sharks' can't wait to fight on home turf. He will be fighting against a guy called 'Mamat' ( that name covers about half the male population of Kelantan) so your guess is as good as mine as to who his opponent will actually be)

Zeri is from Terengganu, he also 'tak sabar nak lawan' so close to home. This young Malaysian Tiger will be fighting a Thai opponent, Dik Sukri.

It's important to us that our fighters don't forget their roots and support the fights organised in their home states. This coming event is organised by Pok Nik.


Anonymous said...

Good luck guys

Nightsky said...

SA, is Kudin's trainer Madsue the same Madsua that lost to Yod in Singapore?

SA said...

Yes Nightsky, the one and only Madsue(he spells his name this way on his facebook). They call him Tam At WMC Lamai. He works quite hard as trainer and trains as a fighter on the side. He accompanied our fighters to KL during the fights in February.Really nice guy.

SA said...

I am working on an article on WMC trainers, this will give you a little insight into the trainers there.