Sunday, May 10, 2009

Arafura Update

Team Muaythai Malaysia off to the Arafura Games

Above are our Muaythai Team and support staff at KLIA. Kneeling to the left and right of our flag are our referees Md Farek and Wan Azmi

The President of IFMA, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, gives our fighters a few words of encouragement.

Team Muaythai Malaysia with the rest of the Malaysian Contingent at the field outside the stadium preparing to enter.
Malaysian officials and athletes on the way into the stadium.
Our Malaysian athletes and officials who walk into the stadium are cheered on by the thousands spectators. The support from the crowd was truly awesome.
Young ladies carrying torches to light up the games.
The opening ceremony ended with a spectacular fireworks display. We all hope that this will prove an auspicious beginning in our bid for success in the games.
Today Amin 60-63.5 is will be our first fighter to enter the ring. He faces an Australian athlete today around 7pm local time.

Wish him luck!


shauqie said...

woww thanks for the update. keep us updated with every single fight. Hope you guys make us proud. I'm happy if there is a fight schedule, I wanna see faizal and ejoi opponents. You guys are awasome!
Btw where's the team captain!:)

aziman said...

Full Result can get from here

ceplos said...

update gambar je ke?result perlawanan mana?

Nightsky said...

Congrats to Ali Yaakub who has beaten both his opponents thus far.. heard the rest of our boys are doing too bad themselves..

aziman said...

Full result at official Arafura Games website.

Congrat! All 6 medal bring to Malaysia.