Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ali to fight Daddy Cool in Evolution 17, Australia

Saturday the 29th of August is the date fight fans have been looking forward to all year. Evolution 17 brings with it a hard-hitting, action packed card as usual. The best of the best, champions from Australia and across the world.

For one night the Sleeman Centre in Chandler will emulate the battleground of the Coliseum in ancient Rome where our gladiators will fight for reputation, honour and respect. A combination of world champion Muay Thai fighters, glamorous ringside models, a bumping sound system, lighting and visual displays and thousands of fans screaming to back their favorite fighters will ensure the aura of Evolution continues.

The feature at Evolution 17 is a Super 8 Tournament. Eight fighters, the winner must win 3 fights in one night. There are guaranteed to be some wars with three current/former WMC World Title holders in John Wayne Parr, Eugene ‘Boom Boom’ Ekkelboom, and Cosmo Alexander taking on veteran brawlers like the Preacher and Dzhabar. The skill and technique of Soren Eminent-air NTG will always be a great contest against proven up-and-comer Eli ‘Mad Dog’ Madigan should they face off against each other for a second time.
What many fans have come to associate the sport with is the Hollywood style entrance of the pimp himself, Daddy Kool who will be coming out fighting against a highly ranked international opponent(Mohd Ali Yaakub). As if that action is not enough, promoters have also organized guaranteed battles of will and determination in Statti v Sarracino and Thor v Cedric.. This will surely keep the atmosphere charged.
Australian Pro Ranking
1. Dane Beauchamp, QLD aka Daddy Cool
2. Chris White, WA
3. Luke Aram, WA
4. Dimitri Iliev, AM NSW title holder
5. Kevin Lay, QLD


Anonymous said...

Semoga berjaya ali..harumkan nama Malaysia di bulan yg mulia ini...
Kami seluruh rakyat Malaysia mndoakan kjyaan anda.

Anonymous said...

Ali nak muay terbaik dari Malaysia

Leo Amendoim said...

Good luck Ali. Cheering for a big knockout tomorrow, and you can do it!