Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Muay Thai basics Course at the Malaysian Tigers Gym

We will be organising a 'Kickstart' Course in Muay Thai Basics starting Tuesday September the 29th.

Open to: Beginners or anyone wishing to polish up their Muay Thai techniques.

Venue: Malaysian Tigers Gym, Kelana Jaya, PJ.

Syllabus: Muay Thai Basics-This covers Footwork, Moves, Kicks, Punches, Knees, Elbows
& defensive techniques.

Objective-to provide a grounding so that new starters have the confidence to go on to join a
class, or so that those already with experience can learn the basics properly
before moving on.

Time: 8-10pm every Tuesday

Duration: 6 weeks

Trainers-Ex Lumpini/Rajadamnern Stadium champion based in WMC Lamai
gym Koh Samui with the help of the Malaysian Champions.

To book a place please email malaysiantigers@gmail.com


Lim said...

Finally i can train in the tigers gym. YEEEEHAAA. How to pay?

Chua Kastam Malaysia said...

Im interested. I will email my particulars.


Anonymous said...

Saya nak join. Ada alamat gym?

boksingkelate said...

top training top gear, good luck to all new trainees!

Nora said...

Berminat sangat.... Selamat hari raya.

Peters said...

wooo, the muay thai is cool, now the mauy thai is very popular.

SamTan said...

i'd like to train, but i'm not sure how to find your place. could you please provide an address? or a phone number that i could call?