Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coming soon!

The Tigers will be back in Malaysia!!!
And they will be training at the soon to be opened WMC Malaysia Gym in PJ. All our athletes will be back from Koh Samui before Malaysia's Super 8 Contender Asia Qualifier and will be getting into high gear at our very own WMC Malaysia gym.

This is good news for all you Muaythai enthusiasts out there as this fully equipped Muaythai gym will also be opened to the public!

Our Malaysian Tigers will be training full time at WMC Malaysia Gym and they will be trained by some of the best coaches around! Some of these coaches have been training our Tigers at WMC Koh Samui, Thailand.

Also after the Malaysian Super 8, we have sourced a venue where we will be organising Muaythai fights every 2 weeks. We have promised to develop Muaythai in Malaysia and this is yet another step towards doing so.This exposure will prove priceless to our senior as well as up and coming muaythai talents.


Mark KL said...

How to join your gym?

Anonymous said...

Which part of PJ?. Im tired of this other gym. We wanna learn with Ali and the boys so we get good sparring partners. Finally we get the chance to train with the malaysia best! Just dont charge us to much on the fees. What ur email so we can communicate

SA said...

Don't worry the fees will be fair. But as for sparring with Ali, can't be sure how much he'll charge you :)

Our email is:-

qamaruluramaq said...

cn u giv the gym adress?plese

SA said...

Kelana Jaya.Corner lot as Muaythai gyms need as much ventilation as possible! The exact location is secret. Actually not really secret but we are in the process of renovating etc.

qamaruluramaq said...

good!!! k thanks.. kalu gym da siap bgtau la ek..

n im new in this blog!!

SA said...

Sure will announce it in the blogspot. Don't worry. And welcome to our blog.