Saturday, March 7, 2009

News from the Gold Coast

Ali lost his fight tonight, but everyone is proud of the way he fought!

This picture says a million words
Ali lost to Flip Street tonight but he made Malaysia proud and put up a good fight. During the first round Ali took some heavy punches to the head. Then in the second round Ali was elbowed and received a cut to his right brow(Ali received 4 stitches), but this didn't break his spirit. Ali came back strong in the 3rd round and managed to kick Flip hard twice to the neck but this didn't manage to knock Flip down, maybe his kick wasn't quite as powerful due to Flip's height. In round 4, Ali was hit by a strong uppercut to his jaw and everyone was amazed that he wasn't floored. Overall Ali put up a good fight and everyone was impressed by him. They were also impressed by his fighting spirit.

Ali's weight averages at 57kg but Flip,who during the weigh-in was 60kg had dropped the weight(water etc) to get down to 60kg but the next day after the weigh-in he looked more like 63kg,that would make him 6kg's heavier than Ali, this is what experienced fighters do. This is something Ali and a lot of us need to learn. All said and done, Ali put up a really good fight and proved to us all he's really skilled, tough and that it's not easy to bring him down!

In June Ali will fight Australia Champion, Chris White, for the WMC Asian Title. Chris is 57kg.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no wonder u guys are giving him exposure now his going to fight Chris white, He's a very good boxer.

Anonymous said...

Ali seemed to be losing ALL his fights lately. What has changed?
He used to win ALL his fights he was with Boxx. Yeah...what has changed?

Nightsky said...

Any chance of seeing a video of the fight... it really sounded like a great fight despite Ali's loss.

Kudos to Ali for his good effort!

SA said...

I think you need to see the quality of fighters that Ali is fighting now.Yes we like Ali to win, but that is not our priority. We want him to get exposure and experience fighting some of the world's best.

Now Ali has been offered a title fight with Chris White,Australia's best in the 57kg category.This is not easy to get but based on his performance with Flip he has managed secure the fight. It is also not easy to get an offer to fight in Australia and let me remind you the overall quality in Australia is very good!

Yeah we could choose easy fights for Ali, but we want more for and from him. If we just give him easy fights, how will he ever improve? What would he learn from it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Malaysia, i saw your fighter fought on tv fox 8 last night. He is very good but too small than flip. Better luck next time.

Vinx Lee said...

A fighter wins all his fight matches in homeland is called Kampung Champion. I totally agree with SA said, I'm a big fan of Ali too and I believe only through exposures like this (fighting globally) that will bring out the best of him! Only narrow minded ppl will keep their fighter behind their backyard laying gold eggs for them but too afraid to accept challenge from the outside world! All the Best , Ali! I know he will go far in his achievement!