Sunday, April 26, 2009

AXN cover our Event.

The crew from AXN were covering our event. Soon Malaysian Muay Thai will be viewed worldwide!!! Thanks AXN and Contender Asia for putting our Malaysian Muay Thai on the World scene.
Bernard Radin helping out Sam,the Contender Asia Production Manager, with translations for the Athletes who don't speak English.

The AXN film crew. On the right is Ridzuan and to the left with the long hair is Jimmy.


Pak Zawi said...

Thank you Bernard for putting Pak Zawi in the limelight. I will get all my children and grandchildren to view this this show when it is aired in june. I can never be a Muay Thai champion but at least I was a spectator at that historic event.

Nightsky said...

That's great... when is it going to be aired??

SA said...

Nightsky...will inform you when it is to be aired.

Pak Zawi.......Bernard only speaks highly of you, he is impressed by your command of the English language and your passion for Muaythai.We are glad that you enjoyed our event!

Pak Zawi said...

Coming from Bernard, its the highest comliment of all. Sorry my shooter did not take any pic of you so I cant include your pic in my post.
I don't know which pic you wanted. I will just send you a couple of them but not in high res. Will 1024 x 900 do?
Thanks for everything.