Monday, May 18, 2009

Ali to fight in England

Malaysian Tiger, Mohd Ali Yaakub will be fighting in Leeds, England on the 13th of June for the-
WMC Muay Thai against Drugs World Title.

Our next show will feature:

Andy Howson (Bad Company) v Mohd Ali Yaakub (Malaysia)
(WMC Muay Thai against Drugs World Title)
Jordan Watson (Bad Company) v OUKBI Kouider (France)
Richard Cadden (Bad Company) v KONATE Ibrahim (France)


Anonymous said...

Why is Mohd Ali mixing with Bad company??

Pak Zawi said...

Now Ali is going places. Thanks to you people at MT. Good job.

italianjob said...

good luck Ali...

Anonymous said...

Selamat berjuang Ali!!!

Bertempur habis habisan!

Jangan bagi chance! haha

Nightsky said...

Jordan Watson's taking part.. does this mean that Contender Asia Season Two's postpone to later date again?