Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Arafura Games, Darwin, Australia

We will be sending a contingent of 11 people to the Arafura Games which will be held in Darwin Northern Australia from the 9th through to the 15 of may.

The contingent will consist of 6 athletes, 2 referees and 3 team officials.

The Malaysian athletes who will be participating in the games are-

Mohd Sukri Hasan-Bantam 51-54kg, Mohd Ali Yaakub-Feather 54-57kg,Ismail Ramli-Light 57-60kg, Mohd Noramin Ibrahim-Light Welter 60-63.5kg,Mohd Faizal Ramli-Welter 63.5-67kg and Mohd Azwan Omar-Super Heavy 91kg+.

We will also be sending 2 referees/jurors Wan Azmi Wan Omar and Md Farek Md Urep to gain experience at international level. This will be Md Farek's second time refereeing at an international event, he was also on duty at the IFMA World Championships at the Tafisa Games in Busan, Korea last year.

The Arafura Games which is IOC and GAISF sanctioned is one of Asia-Pacific's premier sporting events used by emerging champions to gain experience and exposure at a regional level. The next step on will be the SEA Games, Asian Games and World Championships .

We very nearly had to miss the games due to the swine flu outbreak but we were fortunate to get a last minute go ahead from the Ministry of Health to attend the Games.

We would have also liked to include the best athletes from several other camps but unfortunately, upon inquiry and due to the last minute nature of the arrangements, most of these athletes were either injured or engaged else where. We truly hope fighters such as Tengku Shahrizal and other gifted Malaysian Nak Muays will be able to join us in future games. Someone like Tengku, with experience in amateur boxing, would be sure to excel in amateur Muaythai as it is point based sport and much faster than traditional Muaythai.

This kind of exposure at internationally recognised events will prove invaluable to these young athletes. And we hope to see Malaysia's best in the SEA Games at the end of the year. Let us all work hard and be united in building Muaythai in Malaysia and choosing the best to represent our country in these games.

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