Monday, May 4, 2009

Team 'Tiger '

Contrary to what some of you might think, developing fighters is definitely not an easy task. It's like raising a family, each kid (fighter) is different, some better mannered than others, some harder working but all have feelings and emotions and cannot be treated like machines. Like raising a family you get a lot gratification when your fighters do well, eventually you don't only want them to succeed in the ring but in life! We don't ever want to see our fighters as washed out has beens, we want to one day see them happily settled with their own gyms......hey maybe even with their own reality TV shows out Stephan Fox............

Menjaga dan mendidik peninju seperti membimbing anak kita sendiri, ada yang bersopan-santun, ada yang rajin,ada yang kurang berdisiplin........seperti dalam sesebuah keluarga anaknya semuanya berlainan kerenah. Walau bagaimanapun semuanya perlu dijaga seperti adik/anak sendiri dan dilayan dengan adil. Kami bukan sekadar mahu melihat peninju kami berjaya sekarang tetapi juga pada masa depan. Kami ingin melihat peninju kami mencipta nama digelanggang dunia, dan bila tiba masanya bersara, kami berharap peninju kami akan membuka pusat latihan sendiri....... mungkin peninju kami dapat mengacara rangkaian realiti sendiri........seperti Stephan Fox

Mail helps out with Bernard's 5 year old daughter Sasha by the sea, who would've guessed these tougher than nails fighters could be so gentle out of the ring. But don't get me wrong I wouldn't cross with these guys or hurt one of their own as they are fiercly protective of their extended family.Abang Wan and his wife Kak Ani along with Pak Hasan, Pok Nik and Abang 'Contender' were flown out to Port Dickson as a special thanks for a job well done!
Sebagai tanda terima kasih atas pertolongan mereka dalam menjayakan acara Contender Asia Malaysian Qualifier.Pak Hasan-Pengerusi Persatuan Seni Tomoi Kelantan, Abang Wan, Kak Ani, , Pok Nik dan juga Abang 'Contender' telah diterbangkan dari Kota Bharu ke Subang untuk meraikan kejayaan acara kami bersama team 'Tigers' di Port Dickson.
Their smiles say it all.
Semuanya tersurat dalam senyuman.
Bernard & Faizal

Goodbye!! To Ropi, Emin and the Jetski..........This picture was taken moments before Ropi capsized the Jetski. Not many items of machinery can stand up to these guys!!!
Gambar ini diambil sejurus sebelum jetski ini tenggelam!!!!!!

'Thanksgiving' prayers were held for Faizal's recent win and also for the future success of both Bernard and Faizal in the Contender Asia Season II and also all the 'Tigers'.
Majlis 'doa kesyukuran' telah dilangsungkan.

Kami amat bersyukur atas kejayaan Faizal, Bernard dan seluruh pasukan Malaysian Tigers.

And later that night we all celebrated with a barbeque of well marinated chicken and beef. There was also some fish, sotong, sausages, fried rice ...................etc

Malam itu diakhiri dengan hidangan ayam, daging, ikan,sotong panggang..........................
We were fortunate to be treated to fabulous 'kenduri kahwin' food on the way back from Port Dickson. Our 'Team Tigers' members were invited by Saiful, to a family wedding where we were treated to a great meal and karaoke. Where yet again Mat Ropi was the star crooner!


boksingkelate said...

satu senario yang bagus bagi team yang baru ditubuhkan

Pak Zawi said...

Glad to see MT nak muays are so well taken care of. MT's effort will augur well for the development of the sport in Malaysia. Our local fighters will stand to benefit from this noble effort.

shauqie said...

wow, the tigers are well taken care! I believe there are many fighters are looking forward to join the Malaysian Tigers team. If I'm a fighter from other gym, I'm awaiting for a phone call from you guys!