Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ali vs Howson

Andy Howson facebook

Is the new MMC MAD WORLD CHAMP, whoop,whoop. 7 stitches outside the lip, 3 on the inside and 3 other cuts and a broken nose to boot but all worth it,lol. Just want to thank everyone who came down to support me on sat night youre all amazing thank you so much, i hope the fight was entertaining for you all :-) and also anyone who has txtd me over the last few days, again thanks so much and sorry if i havent got back. x


boksingkelate said...

hahahaha, kesian andy, menang tapi sakit.

Due said...

Kita tewas kali ini tak apa, sebab Andy menang tapi cedera teruk. Kat mana gamaknya kita buleh tengok fight videonya.

Anonymous said...

Padan muke die....!!!!hahhaa baru die tawu sape ali yg sebenarnye!!!!!

Due said...

Ada DVDnya. Kena order dari Bad Company (UK).

Leeds Town Hall 13 June 2009 DVD £18.00

Click to enlarge
Another night of top quality Muay Thai action form Leeds Town Hall this time topped by Andy Howson (Bad Company) v Mohd Ali Yaakub (Malaysia) for the WMC Muay Thai against Drugs World Title. Yaakuub has a formidable record with only 5 losses from 75 fights! This fight must yet again mean that Howson will be involved in fight of the year 2009.

The show also features Richard Cadden veteran fighter at the very top level for the last few years against French fighter Konate Ibrahim and Contender Asia finalist Jordan Watson v French fighter Oukbi Kouider both in explosive bouts.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 19 June, 2009.

Anonymous said...

takpe ali, pelan2.... nanti rematch balik.... ari 2 dia dapat tali pinggang dgn bawak balik sakit... kali ni ali bawak balik tali pinggang dia bawak balik sakit dgn tido kat icu... ali teruskan usaha... anda dah menimba banyak pengalaman..tahniah... teruskan segala usaha gigih anda ali...