Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seminar in KL-WMC Malaysia

The Malaysian Tigers on behalf of WMC Malaysia were part of a seminar conducted at a fitness center here in KL recently. According to the WMC Vice President, if you can hold the pads for our 'tigers' you can hold them for anyone!

Kudin 'Raja Jerung' says "Pegang kuat-kuat, ok"

Ismail Ramli, kicks the pad held by a seminar attendee.

Bernard Radin, Malaysia's Contender Asia Season 2's first Qualifier, holds the Focus Mits for Stephan Fox.

As Malaysia will be hosting Contender Asia Season II, we predict an explosion of interest in Muaythai,with many people enrolling in traditional Muaythai classes as well as fitness Muaythai classes run by Fitness Centers such as this one.


Nightsky said...

SA, when exactly is the Contender Asia 2 Qualifier - Malaysia's Super 8. Is it a closed door event or will we be get to buy a ticket to see it. Its already 25th March... yet no confirmation?

Zawi said...

You people really makes muaythai things happen in Malaysia. Keep it up and continue leading.

SA said...

We are doing our best. We really want to do things right and help develop our athletes and Malaysian muaythai.