Monday, March 23, 2009

Stephan Fox-visits our WMC Gym in Kelana Jaya

We were honoured last Friday as Mr Stephan Fox, vice President of the WMC and Secretary General of IFMA, paid our WMC Malaysia Gym a visit. Mr.Fox, along with Hanarong, trainer of Contender Asia fame, put our Malaysian Tigers through a tough training session.As usual Mr.Fox impressed us all with his high energy levels and charisma!

For some of our 'Tiger Cubs' this was their first time to be acquainted with Mr.Fox.

"Is that all you've got?". "Kick faster............... my mother kicks harder than that!

An after class prep talk by Mr. Fox. "You all show great potential and I'm sure Malaysia will someday(hopefully soon) produce a World Champion. But you must train very hard! We can get you the world's best coaches, we can help you but you must also help yourself......!-Well he said something along these lines :)


Anonymous said...

How can we join your class??

Anonymous said...

Can we have the exact address?

Anonymous said...

please let me know the fees pls!

kean said...

is the gym open to public or is it just for malaysian tigers?

SA said...

Both. We will be open to the public soon!