Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ali will fight Phillip 'Flip' Street at Gold Coast, Australia

Ali to fight on the 7th of March
It was going to be a fight in Perth in March for Ali but Luke Aram pulled out so now Ali is off to the Gold Coast to fight Phillip 'Flip' Street. This will be a good fight for Ali and the exposure and experience will prove priceless.

Mohd Ali Yaakub
The Malaysian Tigers


Fight Record-
Wins 60, Draws 5,
Losses 1

Phillip "Flip" Street
Fight record:
22 Fights
19 wins
3 loss

Australia Ranking
Lightweight 58.9 - 61.2kg

Contrary to what some believe, it is not always easy for a fighter to adapt to different weather conditions, temperatures etc. And then be expected to perform his/her best. It takes a while to adapt to travel, strange food etc. So, not only is this a great opportunity for Ali to fight a good foreign fighter but also a good chance for him to get used to traveling and then fighting in different environmental conditions. Ali participated in the IFMA World Championships in Busan, Korea in September 08, and then at the Kings Cup in Bangkok in December 08 now it'll be the Gold Coast March 09. Soon Ali will be a well seasoned/travelled fighter.

Good luck to you Ali and train hard!


Anonymous said...

All the Best Ali!!

Dont train so that u put on more weight. Hopefully u can add another 12kg.
Then u can be eligible for Contender Asia.

You're the best ever Muay thai fighter in Malaysia !!! I have no doubts about that!

Anonymous said...

If based on the 2 pictures alone, Ali will have an easy fight.
He will Flip this Philip upside-down. careful when u enter the ring. Don't trip on the ropes. You can only get hurt this way. Philip Street cannot hurt you.

Even the Pit Bull ran away!!

Anonymous said...


Jangan kecewa pasai rekod undefeated hang dah pecah bulan ni.
I dont see any of the top muay thai fighers with unbeaten records. So, don't let that dishearten you. A lot of good muay thai have lost many times.

Faizal's unbeaten record. will be broken to bits and pieces. This is not April Fool's joke !!

Anonymous said...

Malaysian cant even fight with class B thai????? yeah right ... Ali you will be a Lumpini champion one day. oz oz oz oz hahaha here come the tiger of malaya.... Ali "Black Tiger" Yaakob

Anonymous said...

ali menang punya...