Monday, February 23, 2009

Bernard Radin Vs Kompayak Sorsuwonyim

Here's Bernard's fight against Kompayak


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yG belakang tu berjudi ke ape??

Anonymous said...

weh...tempoyak ni kecik la

Anonymous said...

Dear Moderator,

Can you pls help to lobby for a representative from Muay Thai Academy Ipoh to be included in the Super 8? If Alif is there,
please dont tell me, there's no deserving participants from MT Academy Ipoh who's worthy of a place in Super 8?

Thank You in anticipation of your strong lobbying!

Muay Thai Academy Ipoh student.

SA said...

Kompayak tak kecik.2" lebih tinggi dari Bernard dgn badan yang mantap. Dan tendangannya sangat kuat. Sepakkannya ke peha Bernard meletup, bekas sepakannya masih terlihat di peha Bernard sekarang.

Anonymous said...


Who do you think should rep MT Ipoh. I never heard of any fighter name..

Peminat Kuda Merah

Anonymous said...

Tempoyak doesnt look small. Cuma bernard nampak boyak sikit

Bernard super fan said...

i told u guys bernard will ripped his opponent apart before he fight. now u can see! who cares it tkd kick or muay thai kick?and who deserve the right to claim it is tkd or muay thai kick?for me i see Bernard improove a lots.he is more calm and wait for an opputunity to strike.if anyone think he is better why don you proove it by challenge Great Bernard?

Anonymous said...

Anon, 'boyak' tu aper?

Anyway...Bernard sure has powerful kicks. Dont think I want to be in the same ring with him!!

Peminat Kuda Merah, saya hanya mencadangkan agar MT Academy diwakili dalam Super 8.
I'm not saying there are great fighters kat MT Academy Ipoh.
But for quota sake, it is fair we have 1 fighter from this gym.

Example, World Cup.
Do you think China deserve to enter World Cup? Do u think China is in top 32? No!
But they qualified because, Asia has quota of 4 places.

Sama le...brader...

boxlost said...

oh lawan dgn tempoyak patut la.....

Anonymous said...

u means that guys can fight not because his strengh but just for luck..............!?

Melie Monster said...

congrats, pa! i lost my race

Anonymous said...

Kesian Shauqie

Boxlost, engkaulah yang batu api sana sini tapi Shauqie yang kena tuduh. Ya dia ada buat komen yang tak sepatutnya dibuat tapi nampaknya ramai yang membutakan mata.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernard,

It seems there's a lot of jealous ppl out there. So, next time please don't KO your opponent in 1st round. Play around with ur opponent, then KO him in the 5th round. At least then, ppl wont talk that you always have easy opponent.

Wise Old Man.

SA said...

Hi Wise old Man,

Bernard's opponent really did hit and kick hard. As Bernard has another fight this friday, I think he wanted to ensure he's in one piece for his next fight. He didn't want to carry injuries or toy with his opponent.

Anonymous said...

Senangnya orang cakap. Cuba masuk ring tengok ....

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernard,

There's so many negative comments about you in the muaythai blogs, but I noticed you have remained calm, and have not not reacted.
That's the spirit, boy!
You are a role-model for the youngsters.

I had a different perception of you previously. I saw the video of you kicking the silat guy when he was about to get up. That's against muaythai rules,
and every other martial art reles for the matter. I thought you should be disqualified for that.
But, now i guess it was done in the heat of the moment.

Keep it up!

-Wise Old Man-

Anonymous said...

AHA I fought in ultimate warrior in langkawi and penang. I remembered the 2007 rules stated that if any opponent do the libasan/guntingan/sapuan(the way how silat exponent do) u are allowed to attack within 3 second. With due respect some silat exponent will do the sapuan every 5second because the too tired to fight. It;s not bernards fault.I did the same too in penang. The good thing is they scrap that rule in 08. The bad thing is there is no ultimate warrior in 09. Looking forward for ultimate muay warriors.

Pendekar Ustaz Mansoor

SA said...

Exactly Uztaz Mansoor,

Bernard asked about the ruling just before that exact match. It's not fair that his opponent expects to do sapuan but not expect his opponent to retaliate!

Bernard Radin said...

hi wise old man....i love muaythai and love to see more champion from malaysia.i very sure it will happen very soon.saya tak pernah marah apa orang nak kata pasal saya kerana saya tau meraka tak kenal saya lagi.yang penting kita kena majukan sukan muaythai ke mata dunia.cita cita saya aalah biar muaythai untuk semua dan bukan untuk orang tertentu sahaja.

Nightsky said...

Great fight, Bernard... keep our Malaysian flag flying high... looking forward to seeing you in Contender Asia Season Two. My nephew, YewShan ( your tkd student ) sends his regards!! take care

Anonymous said...

betul tu bernard. errr..boleh tak gym you kat ipoh buat free class. baru semua orang boleh belajar

Anonymous said...

The charges at Ipoh gym is among the cheapest. Just compare the rates at TNT and Boxx gym.
Nothing is free is this world.

It's fully complete.

The only problem is that without Bernard, there's no proper trainers, unlike other gyms.
That's the only problem.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as free in this world.
The rates at Ipoh gym is the cheapest. Don't believe...check TNT and Boxx gyms.

This Ipoh gym is very crowded. Imagine if it's free.

The only problem with Ipoh gym, is that there's no QUALIFIED trainers,
now that Bernard is not there.
Everyone is just kicking and punching and sikuing without knowing if they are doing the right technique or not.

Anonymous said...

boxx kulim charge working adult RM50.00/per month, RM25.00/per month for IPTA students, RM20.00/per month for secondary school students and RM10.00 for primary school students. All with unlimited classes. Learn as much as u want along with the professinal boxers. Is it expensive? Check your facts before u talk.

- Polytech Kulim

Anonymous said...


SA said...

I think gym rates have to take into consideration their location. You can't expect a gym in Desa Sri Hartamas like TNT to be able to charge the same rates, lets say as the gym in Ipoh or Kulim. TNT probably pays 10 times the rent.The cost of living for the coaches in KL are also much higher.You can't even compare rates within the same city.A lot of factors determine class rates.

Anonymous said...

SA & all Blogger,
terima kasih atas komen anda tentang MTA ipoh gym.memang tidak dinafikan MTA ipoh gym milik coach bernard antara yang termurah di perak.berkaitan dengan latihan yang tidak proper,saya tidak setuju sama sekali.memang mta gym tiada qualifier trainer untuk handle gym,tetapi MTA KHRU joi,chaing,fendi mengajar dengan ikhlas walaupun masing2 mempunyai kerja pada siang hari.ada juga MTA khru yang datang tanpa ambil upah tetapi membantu di gym MTA.kami di MTA gym juga berusaha membantu untuk memajukan MUAY THAI di Perak.
Disini juga,MTA gym menerapkan semangat perpaduan dikalangan semua student tanpa mengira bangsa,agama,kaya atau miskin.semua itu telah coach bernard terapkan kepada MTA khru pada awal penglibatan MTA khru joi,awa,lan dan Chaing sebelum coach bernard melepaskan MTA gym untuk beroperasi selama coach tiada.
kepada semua blogger,MTA khru mengalukan anda untuk melawat dan melihat sendiri latihan yang dijalankan disini.
MTA Khru ipoh juga telah mempunyai teknik tumbukan dan tendangan yang kemas dan juga pernah naik ring lebih dari 2 kali sehingga ada diantara Khru yang pernah pecah usus perut dan luka dalaman.MTA khru cuma kekurangan SIJIL seperti yang di mahukan oleh sesetengah bloger.mungkin nanti jika ada coach yang berkelayakan ataupun Coach bernard kembali,mungkin MTA khru JOI,AWA,LAN boleh berundur kerana tidak mempunyai kelayakan untuk mengajar.
p/s:kepada pengkritik MTA ipoh gym,betulkan teknik tumbukan dan tendangan anda dahulu sebelum mengritik MTA khru.setahu saya MTA khru lagi berpegalaman mengikut latihan dari Coach bernard dari anda dan saya percaya anda tidak mungkin mampu atau larat mengikuti latihan dari coach bernard.
SA boleh mencadangkan kepada WMC supaya membina satu Universiti MUAY THAI untuk orang dapat sijil supaya buleh jadi trainer Muay Thai.