Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Contender Asia II- Malaysian Super 8 Challengers

Today we introduce-
Hashim Ramli-Kelab Kayu Kelat Terengganu

Hashim Ramli
25 Fights
15 Wins
5 Losses
5 Draws


Anonymous said...

i dont wonder it, he is under my expectation, the rest 2 must be bernard and.........

Anonymous said...

This guy should not be in the Super 8. he doesn't even deserve to be called a fighter. he doesn't have the heart.

In Shah Alam, he quit against tengku. QUITTERS never Win. And Winners never Quit.

In the star paper recently, there was an article about this guy as well. Wasn't encouraging. Last minute, he pulled out from a fight in thailand.

Are you organizers purposely making poor choices so that your favourite fighter would win ?!?!

Anonymous said...

Rematch with Red Dragon would be nice ....

Zamzilan said...

Saya suka komen dari boxxtomoi dari blog boxx. Semua fighter ada up and down. So kita kena bagi peluang pada mereka untuk buktikan keupayaan masing. Kalay fighter tu kalah tak semestinya promoter mereka perlu letak orang lain. saya salute boxx and tiger kerana bagi Aliff dan Hamdan peluang sekali lagi. Hidup Muay thai malaysia,

Anonymous said...

Hashim doesn't have a 6-pack.
Anybody without a 6-pack should not be selected to represent Malaysia for Contender Asia.
It means they have not trained enough.

SA said...