Sunday, February 22, 2009

Khoo Meng Yang-Contender Asia II-Super 8 Qualifier

Let us introduce you to the next qualifier for Malaysia's CA2 Super 8

Khoo Meng Yang aka The Red Dragon

Height: 172cm
weight: 71kg
Total fight records: 38 fight 24 wins 13 losses 1draw 11ko
( 9 pro muaythai fights, 3 amateur muaythai fights, the rest are all kickboxinvg. western boxing, ultimate warrior and san shou fights)

3 times malaysia tae kwon-do champion ( ITF )
4 times malaysia san shou ( chinese kickboxing ) champion
2007 malaysia ultimate warrior 1st runner-up
2008 malaysia freestyle kickboxing champion
2008 world amateur muaythai 2nd runner-up


Anonymous said...

wise choice.

This guy has the heart and experience. But age is not on his side. His swansong competition.
Good Luck,

Anonymous said...

khoo lagi ah...........

Anonymous said...

Ah khoo ... u can do it. Hopefully you will be the same group as Tengku Rizal. I want to see red horse (kuda merah) vs red dragon .. Go TNT

Bernard Radin said...

hi bro
happy to see u in super 8.train hard and smart.please let me know if you want to come and train in thailand.wish you the best and train and fight like it no tommorrow.

Anonymous said...

ayoo ini apek lagi ka.

Anonymous said...

when are those 8 qualifier going to fight?

Liew said...

Only invited guest can come for the fight. IS IT TRUE? and it will be part of the palestine donation program. THats not fair cause i want to be there too

Anonymous said...

that good for me since i have deep pocket that can donate. pls make a website about this.i am sure lots of good people will come for the charity event.