Saturday, February 21, 2009

The next fighter for the Super 8 Malaysian Contender Qualifier

Inroducing Alif from Boxxwarriors Gym:-

Fighter Profile:-
Abdul Alif Mohd Zulkifli
72 kg
171 cm
20 fights
11 wins
6 losses
3 draws


Anonymous said...

Is this 'Alif' the same as Alif M-150 who last fought with Barbod in Kelantan??

If he is the among the top 8 fighters in Malaysia, then Malaysian Muay Thai is really in the dumps!

Anonymous said...

Who is the next guy? cant wait for this qualifying. All of them are under the same weight cateory right?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Aliff

Zuri said...

Tengku will have a tough fight this time

Anonymous said...

i think in 70kg they don have really good 8 guys so they mixed it up. most malaysia good muay thai fighter is between 57-66kg.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Is this 'Alif' the same as Alif M-150 who last fought with Barbod in Kelantan??

If he is the among the top 8 fighters in Malaysia, then Malaysian Muay Thai is really in the dumps!
You are the one that's makes us all looks bad're just a big mouth mofo with no #$$.If you think he's not good enough why don't you get your ass up there on the ring and prove yourself that you are worth to claim who should and who should not be in the Contender spot.Seriously I'm a good friend of Alif and I know he will show his best for this upcoming fights.Don't underestimate somebody due to his past fights.Until you actually done something to the malaysian Muay Thai community I suggest you to stop whining and give a moral support to our fighters.


SA said...

Hi Kris,

I'm sorry I edited your comment a little, no @@#$$ :)

I'm sure Boxxwarriors have made a good choice in Alif. Mr.Zahari is an experienced Nakmuay and I'm sure he sees potential in Alif.

Good luck Alif!


Bernard Radin said...

kepada alif..jangan ambil hati apa orang kata yang penting alif training kuat dan buktikan kemampuan alif.saya tak kenal dan tak pernah nampak alif tapi saya yakin kenapa alif menjadi pilihan.selamat berjaya alif :)

Anonymous said...

yes bernard, thts the way..jgn gaduh2 :) .. semua boleh jadi kawan. baru Muay Thai. kita kena keluarkan yang kaki laga dari dunia muay thai kita..contohnya shauqie. dia guna id macam-macam dan lagakan tigers dengan boxx dekat boxxtomoi. shauqie ni yg buat org boxx lagi hangin dengan bernard sebab dia mpderator blog bernard. padahal bernard tak de ape pun .. kan bernard?

Bernard Radin said...

shauqie adalah anak buah saya yang rajin dan sangat setia pada saya.beliau mungkin terasa dan marah dengan apa orang cakap pada saya.ialah sebagai murid beliau tak tahan dengan macam2 orang tulis pasal guru dia.dia murid yang baik dan penuh bersemanggat.kita manusia tak lari dari membuat kesilapan dan kita juga harus memaafkan antara satu sama lain.bila berjumpa dengan saya jangan takut tegur dan kenalkan diri.mana tau kita boleh bertukar pendapat untuk memajukan muaythai negara.:)

Anonymous said...


Macam-mana nak kontak hang?
And nombor handset?
Saje...nak tukar pendapat aje...


Anonymous said...

I saw Jeri fight in Cheras last month. I luv to see more of him.
Not just me...but I'm sure lots of people as well.

Is it too late to replace Alif with Jeri? Pleaseeee.....

Anonymous said...

anon, why not u replace alif..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee..............

Anonymous said...

Poor Alif.
He is getting too many brickbats.

Alif....go win the Super 8. You'll then keep everyone's mouth shut!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
anon, why not u replace alif..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee..............

If given the chance I would. Do you know how many people are disappointed they were overlooked for the Super 8 ??? Including me!
I deserve to be there. Not that I expect to win, but I feel I am better than 1 or 2 of the Super 8 challengers

Anonymous said...

u have been overlooked? that is your fault. why didnt u write to the emaill address given by the tiger's blog and offer yourself? or why didnt you send an email to boxx and ask them to give you a fight so that u can prove yourself? dont just blame other people. do you how hard for them to determine the 8 people? if u are good enough, i am sure they will notice u

Anonymous said...


I took part in Ultimate Warrior 2007. I easily made to the finals in KL. (I was champion in my state).
But lost in KL on points, but I think I was the better fighter. But that's another story.

These tigers and boxx should have noticed my talent.

Anyway, I'm going to take part in the ultimate muaythai warrior this year. I'm gonna prove the selectors wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The next fighter for the Super 8 Malaysian Contend...":


its good that u are going to do something about that. ultimate waarior was not muay thai. they dont select people based on ultimate warrior for this 8 men. u should taken part in the local muay thai circuit in order for you to be noticed. u cannot prove your ability to the selectors. there must be good reasons why the chose the 8. even some of you critise on alif's candidancy, i m sure there is a good reason behind it. and if u want short cut so that the "promoters" notice u, write to them. dont wait till the next ultimate muay thai warriors. boxx has offered fighting opportunity in the circuit, all u have to do is send them your profile. u should know, boxx never invited ali to join them. even ali, the well known nak muay in kelantan made the effort. he went to kulim with hafiz and expressed their interest and accepted. tigers mentioned the same thing, just write in for consideration. am i right SA? honestly, they had a tough time looking for the 8. but nevertheless, that doesnt mean they just simply roped in the 8 people.

alif - he stopped training for 8 months when people suddenly asked him to replace anak badak and fight with barbod. he has the least. and he started muay thai since he was 15. and do u know how hard he trains now? you cannot judge someone just from a fight.

azwan - 5 fights, 5 KO. rising fast.

khoo - an old horse, but do u know how to difficult to fight him and to KO him?

wes - WKN Welterweight Champion

hashim - last year's finalist

tengku - need no introduction

hamdan - some said he has no hope. well, it could be a different ball game specially after he was destructed by tengku. he might train harder and come back stronger

faizal - he beat abbas? thats what the ref said BUT he has proven his ability to be braved enough to step in the ring with abbas who fought sanchai kingstar, wanlop and the big names from thailand before.

the selectors have their points and justifications. stop blaming and comdeming other people. just ask yourself, have u done enough to prove or introduce yourself before blaming other people. dont forget, when u point one finger at other people, u have 4 fingers pointing at u.


Anonymous said...


Message understood. Thanks for taking the trouble to explain, and also for the inputs of the 8 fighters. I did not know Alif stopped training for 8 months before the Barbod fight. Sorry.
Peace be with you!

Anonymous said...


Great job!
cept' that you have now hurt Alif's chances and Azwan's chances. The other challengers could hv been underestimating Alif and Azwan previously.
Pls don't release any more inside info.
Let everyone wrongly think these 2 are no-hopers.

Anonymous said...

Oppss, good lesson, be calm and dont jump or u might say things that u are not suppose to.


P/S anon, waste no more time. Send your profile to tigers or boxx. A lot of fights coming up. They will match u evenly. I heard a few new faces without a single fight experience will appear in their upcoming show