Sunday, February 15, 2009

Training at WMC Lamai, Koh Samui, Thailand

I thought everyone might want to see why we have gone through all the trouble and expense to send the Malaysian Tigers to train in Thailand. It would be cheaper to bring the coaches here and I'm sure the fighters would be happier ordering teh tarik and nasi lemak every morning. It would sure save a lot of money on phone top-ups back to girlfriends and family back home.
Well,i feel, there are 3 points which outweigh everything else.

Point one, sparring partners, some of the best fighters in the world train at WMC Camp in Koh Samui. You could hire the best trainer in the world for yourself, but without good sparring partners the training would not be complete.

Point 2, the opportunity to fight in the ring, in Koh Samui there are at least 2 fights a week so when a particular fighter is ready, we can send them to the ring, no need to wait a month or 2.

Point 3, there are about 15 great trainers at WMC Muaythai Camp Lamai in Koh Samui, all Champions, all specialist in certain aspects of muaythai.

Saya ingin menjelaskan mengapa kami hantar 'Malaysian Tigers' begitu jauh, sampai ke Thailand, untuk menjalani latihan muaythai, sedangkan mungkin lebih mudah dan murah untuk mengupah jurulatih dari Thailand datang ke Malaysia untuk mengajar pahlawan kami.
Pada pendapat saya ada tiga sebab mengapa 'Malaysian Tigers' Berlatih di Thailand.

Pertama, terdapat ramai rakan 'gocoh' atau 'sparring partner' di WMC Lamai, antara fighter yang terbaik dari serata dunia menjalani latihan di sini.

Kedua, 'fighter' kami mempunyai lebih peluang untuk berlawan di gelanggang. Pertandingan diadakan lebih dari dua kali seminggu di Koh Samui. Jadi 'fighter' kami tidak perlu tunggu sampai sebulan atau dua untuk berlawan.

Ketiga, terdapat lebih kurang 15 trainer yang terlatih di WMC Lamai, trainer-traner ini semuanya pada suatu masa dahulu merupakan jaguh-jaguh terhandal dunia muaythai. Masing-masing pakar dalam teknik-teknik lawan yang tertentu.

Below-from our previous post-
I feel it's important and interesting for you to know our 'Malaysian Tigers' training routine in Samui. Being here in Malaysia, I can't help but feel that these guys have a perfect set-up: idyllic island, no worries in the world(except training), good and healthy food, no financial worries....etc......etc...
First let me point out......the training is tough.........really tough. Team Tigers have to wake up an hour before everyone else(jogging starts at 6am) so as they get in an hour earlier so they can train extra with their trainers, whom may I add are at the very least ex-Lumpinee Champions.

Then I got a reality check.......I was flown out to Samui and the truth of it all hit me. On the first day, I was asking the guys, "Hey why aren't you out at the beach(which is only a stones throw away").Bernard Radin looks at me and says "Just check out our training routine, any free time we have, we need to rest and recover, no time for the beach". And now I realise just how tough it all is. Hey even the 7km run would floor me, neither less doing it twice a day. And Dzhabar punching me in the head........well I'll update you on that one soon.

Morning Routine
6am-7km run
7am-Stretching and shadow boxing
7.30am Light Sparring
8am-Pad work with trainers
8.30 am-Sit-ups & stretches

Evening Routine
4pm-7km run
5pm-Stretching and shadow boxing
5.30pm Light Sparring
6pm-Pad work with trainers


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how much to train with u guys?

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For more information on WMC Camp in Koh Samui please check out the website below