Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The best to represent Malaysia in 2010 Olympic Martial Arts Games

Good news!!

The best fighters in the Ultimate Muaythai Warriors Championship will go on to represent the country in the 2010 Olympic Martial Arts Games also known as Martiad, which is going to be the biggest event in Muaythai history.

The Martiad will be the first of its kind, where elite athletes from 13 world recognised martial arts will be participating.

The whole martial arts community is eagerly anticipating these games!

IFMA is recognised by GAISF

Atlit-atlit yang terbaik dalam pertandingan Ultimate Muaythai Warriors akan dipilih untuk mewakili negara ke pertandingan Olimpik Sukan Seni Beladiri atau lebih dikenali sebagai Martiad pada tahun 2010. Martiad ini merupakan kejohanan dimana 13 seni mempertahankan diri yang diiktiraf GAISF dan juga Olimpik akan bertanding.


Anonymous said...

Olynpics is every 4 years. Last was this year. So next is 2012.

Anonymous said...

It's not Olympics. The correct term is Martial Arts and Combat Sports games. It's to be held in China in August 2010.
There are 12 combat sports...including muay thai and kick boxing.
There's 5 weight categories for male -63,69,74,79,84, and 2 for female -55,60 kgs.).

Now question for you. There's a thin line between muay thai and kickboxing, so how does KBS intend to hold the national selections?

SA said...

We are selecting athletes for the martiad qualifier only for muaythai, as we are affiliated to IFMA.

Anonymous said...

Is Ifma recognised by olympic council of asia?

Saiful said...

of course ifma is recognised by olympic council of asia. Checkout the oca website


Anonymous said...

i tnought ifma is not recognised by thailand olympic council? then how come olympic council of asia recognise ifma?

Tony on behalf of CS said...

Dear Anon,

Quick explanation, the OCA already recognized IFMA in 1998. This has been reconfirmed in 2008. IFMA has been included in GAISF in 2006. First of all, the Olympic Committee of Thailand (or Malaysia) has no right to recognize any IF. They recognize the national federation (NF). Regardless, until a couple of years ago the NOCT was in full support of IFMA. It was after Dr. Sakchye became President of IFMA that the General Secretary of the NOCT had a personal problem with Dr. Sakchye.

Anyway, this does not in any way influence international structure. Imagine if the Olympic Committee of Nepal didn't recognize IFMA. Do you think it would have such an impact?

The problem is on the way to being solved as the government has stepped in, especially as GAISF heavily attacked the NOCT for disregarding international sport practice. I think another couple of weeks and this problem will come to an end. Already, negotiations have started especially as WMC/IFMA have seen His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince.

Yes, the OCA recognizes only IFMA. The Olympic Committee of Thailand has tried to lobby against this but it was impossible as everyone knows this is just a personal problem between the General Secretary and IFMA President. I could forward you many letters from the OCA in which they clearly state IFMA's recognition.

The Thai Government has also ordered the Olympic Committee of Thailand to stop using the word "muay" and to follow IFMA as the world governing body for muaythai. I hope this is enough. If u need further info do not hesitate to email us.