Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bernard wins through KO!

Bernard Radin won his fight against Kompayak Sorsuwanyim at Chaweng Stadium with a powerful kick to his opponents ribs. Bernard was hoping the fight would last longer but after receiving a powerful kick to his thigh and a fast kick to his head, Bernard revved into high gear, delivering some heavy punches to Kompayak's head then knocking his opponent down with a kick to his ribs. This caused his opponent to receive a standing count. The second time his opponent was knocked down again with another powerful kick to his ribs, this time the fight was immediately stopped.

Congratulations Bernard, impressive!

Ali lost his fight last night to Sakchai Jakoytachana. Technically Ali showed more skill throughout the fight but his opponent betterd him in the 4th and 5th round by grappling Ali and throwing him to the ground many times. This is Ali's first professional lost. We have been pairing Ali with better and more experienced opponents as this is the best way for Ali to gain experince and to oneday become one of the best.

After the fight. Ali shows the true sport he really is. Seen here with a smile on his face being taken care of by one of our physiotherapist, Mark.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Bernard for a job well-done!

I tot Bernard was to fight Teerapong Kowit or Ole Sakdecha. Teerapong is a very good fighter and so is Ole.

How come he ended up fighting with Tempoyak?

Nightsky said...

Well done, Bernard. Better luck next time, Ali

Faithful Bernard fan said...

no matter who bernard fight, i am sure bernard will give his opponent hell and @#**#@* them piece by piece.

Anonymous said...

Bernard is good so he should not be avoiding tengku