Friday, February 20, 2009

The Super 8

The 1st Challenger in Malaysia's Super 8 is.....................................
is Tengku Shahrizal of PDRM.

Fight record:- Fights 27
Wins 25
Lost 2


Anonymous said...

kalau tak silap saya rekod tengku sahrizal 3 kali kalah rasanya. sebab masa kl int muay thai challenge tulis 3 rekod kalah.

Anonymous said...

i think there should be 1 rep from all the gyms in Malaysia. The best fighter from each of the gyms below should participate

1 - from TNT
1 - from Boxx Kulim
1 - from Muay Thai Academy, Ipoh
1 - from Boxx Ampang
1 - from Muay Thai tigers
1 - from Kelantan Muay Thai.

and 2 be selected by BoxxTomoi and Muaythai tigers
..who have done a great job promoting this sport.

Anonymous said...

I think he have more fight. Please check again..

Anonymous said...

moderator, u tulis salah la profile pokku

SA said...

If I got any info wrong in the profile, sorry. Please update me with your correct info and who you are.

Kalau profile salah, tolong perbetulkan. Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...


peminat kuda merah

Anonymous said...

Pokku dah lawan lebih 45 kali

Anonymous said...

fighter from muay thai academy ipoh i who? bernard?