Sunday, April 5, 2009

EVOLUTION 16-Australia

Mardsue beats John Wayne Parr
Our good friend and trainer from WMC Lamai, Mardsue or better known as Tum(pronounced Tam) beat John Wayne Par(of Contender Asia fame) in Brisbane, Australia last night

Mardsue accompanied our Malaysian Tigers to the Superfight in Cheras last February.

Congratulations Tum!

On another note Wolf also from WMC Lamai, was beaten by Bruce McFie also of Contender Asia fame.


Pak Zawi said...

Nice built. We should be developing some fighters in this weight category to be world beaters. Then only Malaysia will be a Muaythai force to be reckoned with.

SA said...

Welcome to our blog Pak Zawi, I have read your postings on various occasions and have been impressed by your writing and in depth coverage of various muaythai events. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to get in touch with our team. Our aim is to build our Malaysian Muaythai fighters to an international standard and we welcome your support.

There seems to be a new generation of Thai fighters, well nourished from young with good size and physique.Gone are the days of seemingly undernourished fighters. Nowadays fighters like Yod prosper.

We have noticed with good nutrician, our fighters have also improved a lot physically. For example, Zeri has grown 2" since he's been training with us(probably all the milk he's been consuming!

Nightsky said...

Congrats to Madsua... he deserves the win!

Zack said...


Your developement programs are awesome and now we can see Malaysian fighters in the international circuit. Congratulation to Malaysian Tigers.


boksingkelate said...

Congrats Tiger, make us proud.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mad-Su, the fighter.

Thanks for the info, Mad-Su, the moderator for this blog.