Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hanarong-WMC Lamai Chief Trainer

Manop Maswichean
The info below was compiled by Noung of WMC Lamai-thanks

Age 43yrs

DOB: 15.7.1965

Muaythai Training: from age 10yrs-36yrs

No. of Fights: Over 100

The fight record below is a rough estimate-




Championship Belts:

*Southern Thailand Champion

*International Fights

Became a trainer at 36yrs

Province: Samui

Speciality: Everything

Our fighters share a laugh with Hanarong, looks like it was at Ejo's expense!

Hanarong is the Chief Trainer at WMC Lamai in Koh Samui. He accompanied our fighters to the Superfights in Cheras in February and was back again in KL for a few days in March to help conduct the seminar organised by WMC Malaysia. When he is down here he takes the opportunity to train our fighters.

Hanarong photographed here with WMC Malaysia Khru Hafiz

Those of you who follow the Contender Asia will remember Hanarong as one of the trainers. As for us,we first met Hanarong in Busan, Korea. At the time he was accompanying the South African team to to the World Championships as he was the South African Coach. I must admit I was rather surprised to see the statuesque Thai trainer as he doesn't resemble the Thai trainer image we are used to. He even had African braids(corn rolls) in he's hair! But 'corn rolls' aside Nong is a really nice & patient guy, we'll probably never see him lose his temper as tell me seriously, aftertaking one look at this guy would you want to make him angry?


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Thank you for this info. Hanarong is my favourite trainer in Contender and hope to learn from him.