Saturday, April 11, 2009

Full Contact Freestyle Kickboxing 09-Kota Bharu Kelantan

Three of our tigers fought tonight in Kota Bharu,Kelantan last night. Mat Ropi, Azwan anak Gajah and our King of Sharks Kudin.

Kudin fought very well in fact he was controling the match against Iddi Selindang Kuning, but unfortunately in the third round Iddie managed to plant a well placed punch to Kudin's jaw downing him. To his credit Kudin tried to continue but the punch had overwhelmed him and he wasn't able to continue the fight.

In Mat Ropi's fight against Musang Tabligh, neither side managed to better each other ending the fight in a draw. In Kelantan if neither side is knocked out, the fight is considered a draw.Azwan anak Gajah fought well against the more experienced fighter, Karim Geliga Merah. Even thought the fight ended in a draw, Azwan showed us the what he's got and we are confident with proper training and a lot of cardio work, this guy is going to be a really good fighter.

Pak Zawi is covering this event and if you want a more detailed account, please click the link below


Pak Zawi said...

Sorry the post is not ready yet. Being an old man I have to rest well before I can do any 'tough' job. I need to review the video a couple of times before I can write as I dont want to miss any details. Please bear with me OK?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that iddi landed a few kicks at kudin's neck?

Zaidi said...

Dari apa saya tengok di wakaf zainab Kudin ada peluang untuk menang di super8. Hidup Kelantan

boksingkelate said...

Takda berita terbaru ke? saya mahu tahu keputusan perlawanan semalam, iaitu Tuan Faisal. Dia ada pertalian keluarga dengan saya. Memandangkan Pak Zawi tak dapat hadir semalam, keputusan tidak diketahui.